Valheim Obsidian

Valheim: Obsidian Farming Guide

Michael James

Obsidian is a resource that can be mined in Valheim and is mainly found in the Mountains biome, usually in ...

Valheim Flametal

Valheim: Flametal Farming Guide

Michael James

Flametal is a type of hot-glowing metal that currently does not have any use yet, but it is presumed that ...

valheim black metal

Valheim: Black Metal Farming Guide

Michael James

Black Metal is a late-game metal that can usually be obtained after exploring the Plains biome or fighting enemies that ...

Valheim transfer items between worlds

Valheim: Transfer Items Between Worlds Guide

Michael James

Sometimes hauling your stuff around Valheim can be pretty tedious, and often players wished there were other ways to transport ...

Valheim Silver Farming

Valheim: Silver Farming Guide

Michael James

The cold Mountains biome is a danger to anyone who isn’t prepared, but something rewarding makes players want to venture ...

Valheim Iron Farming

Valheim: Iron Farming Guide

Michael James

Iron is one of the mid-game metals that you can obtain in Valheim, and it usually comes after the Bronze-tier ...

Valheim chests

Valheim: How To Stack Chests

Michael James

Storage capacity can be pretty limited in Valheim, and to make use of chest stacking, you can save up on ...

Valheim sawmp key

Valheim: Getting Swamp Key Guide

Michael James

The Swamp Key is one of the mid to late-game boss items that you can acquire after defeating the second ...

Valheim Yagluth Boss

Valheim: Yagluth Boss Guide (Location, Summon, Defeating…)

Michael James

Yagluth is the fifth boss that you face in Valheim as you progress who comes after Moder. The Yagluth fight ...

Valheim Blue mushroom

Valheim: Blue Mushroom Farming Guide

Michael James

Blue Mushrooms are currently an item that is not yet obtainable in the game but has been found to be ...

Valheim Planting Seeds

Valheim: Planting Seeds Guide

Michael James

Cultivation plays a big part in almost any survival game, and with Valheim, there are certain benefits you can gain ...

Valheim Trees Growing

Valheim: Growing Trees Guide

Michael James

Trees are essential in Valheim for being a source of Wood, but several are needed for the many items you ...

Valheim Food Guide

Valheim: Food Guide (How to Cook, Best Food Combinations…)

Michael James

Food plays an essential role in Valheim as this allows players to last longer in fights and travel further with ...

Valheim Serpent Scale

Valheim: Serpent Scale Farming Guide

Michael James

Serpent Scales are quite the rare resource to find, not only because killing a Sea Serpent is required, but finding ...

Valheim Resin

Valheim: Resin Farming Guide

Michael James

When you need a good source of fire, Resin is a resource that may come to mind as it is ...

Valheim Honey

Valheim: Honey Farming Guide ( Creating Beehive, Getting Queen Bee..)

Michael James

Most players would think that Honey is hard to farm, but it is not, and the only thing tricky about ...

Valheim Wolf Pelt

Valheim: Wolf Pelt Farming Guide

Michael James

If you have travelled to the Mountains biomes, you may have come in contact with Wolves and noticed how comfortable ...

Valheim Wolf Fang

Valheim: Wolf Fang Farming Guide

Michael James

Wolf Fangs are more than just proof of you being an apex predator amongst the wildlife in Valheim; it also ...

Valheim Lox Pelt

Valheim: Lox Pelt Farming Guide

Michael James

Some of the sturdiest furs can make a huge difference when it comes to harsh weather, as well as some ...

Valheim Greydwarf Eye

Valheim: Greydwarf Eye Guide (Farming, Sources, Uses)

Michael James

You would think that the Greydwards were simple humanoid creatures, but there is more to them than meets the eye, ...

Valheim Moder Boss

Valheim: Moder Boss Guide (Location, Summon, Defeating…)

Michael James

The fourth boss that you will come across in Valheim is called Moder, a large, powerful dragon with the ability ...

Valheim Guck

Valheim: Guck Farming Guide

Michael James

Guck is a gooey green slime like substance found in the Swamp biome and must be gathered from the trees ...

Valheim Freeze Gland

Valheim: Freeze Gland Farming Guide

Michael James

Freeze Gland is one of the later items you find in Valheim once you stumble upon the larger Mountains biomes ...

Valheim Lenin Thread

Valheim: Linen Thread Making Guide

Michael James

Linen Thread is processed by some of the strongest fibers and can be used to make better weapons and armor ...

Valheim Artisan Table

Valheim: Artisan Table Guide

Michael James

If you are wondering how to get Artisan Table in Valheim, there are a few steps that you will need ...

Valheim Potions

Valheim: Potions Guide (How to Make….)

Michael James

If you are wondering what kind of potions there are in Valheim, there are quite a few, but these are ...

Valheim Valuable Items

Valheim: Valuable Items Guide (How to Get, List of Items…)

Michael James

You can find many items in Valheim, and sometimes most of these will not have much of a clue to ...

Valheim Coins

Valheim: Coins Farming Guide (How to Farm, Selling Items & Uses)

Michael James

Like in most games, there is usually a currency and some kind of merchant that you can purchase things from, ...

Valheim Bonemass Boss

Valheim: Bonemass Boss Guide (Location, Summon, Defeating…)

Michael James

The Bonemass boss (simply called Bonemass) is the third boss in Valheim and appears as a vast humanoid blob mixed ...

Valheim Wishbone

Valheim: Wishbone Guide

Michael James

The Wishbone is an item you can equip to find hidden items in Valheim that are unseen to the blind ...

valheim blood pudding

Valheim: Blood Pudding Making Guide

Michael James

A famous dish in Viking history may sound like a nasty dish; Blood Pudding actually provides some of the best ...

Valheim bread

Valheim: Bread Making Guide

Michael James

Bread is one of the late-game food items that can be made in Valheim, and although most would expect it ...

Valheim Carrot Soup

Valheim: Carrot Soup Making Guide

Michael James

Carrot Soup is one of the first soup food items that you can craft in Valheim and becomes available once ...

Valheim Cooked Fish

Valheim: Cooked Fish Making Guide

Michael James

A simple food item from the sea is Cooked Fish, which is easy to make, especially when you have access ...

Valheim Cooked Lox Meat

Valheim: Cooked Lox Meat Making Guide

Michael James

When it comes to nutrition, there is no mistaking that Lox Meat is one of the best sources and making ...

Valheim Cooked Meat

Valheim: Cooked Meat Making Guide

Michael James

Starting in Valheim can be pretty confusing at first, and one of the basic needs of your character is food, ...

Valheim Fish Wraps

Valheim: Fish Wraps Making Guide

Michael James

Fish Wraps may appear more like a delicacy in Valheim and looks much like a burrito somehow, but it is ...

Valheim Lox Meat pie

Valheim: Lox Meat Pie Making Guide

Michael James

The delicious and fancy-looking Lox Meat Pie is considered to be one of the best food items in Valheim due ...

Valheim Queens Jam

Valheim: Queens Jam Making Guide

Michael James

Queens Jam is a mid-tier food item that can be cooked as soon as you have access to a Cauldron. ...

Valheim Sausage

Valheim: Sausage Cooking Guide

Michael James

Nothing beats a good batch of freshly cooked Sausages but wait; there is quite a twist in its origin and ...

Valheim cook serpent stew

Valheim: Serpent Stew Cooking Guide

Michael James

If you have been sailing the seas and have faced the mighty Sea Serpents of the Ocean biome, you may ...

Valheim Cooking Turnip Stew

Valheim: Turnip Stew Cooking Guide

Michael James

After finding the Swamp biome, you may come across Turnip Seeds as you explore it, and these can be used ...

Valheim Grilled Neck Tail

Valheim: Grilled Neck Tail Cooking Guide

Michael James

You may have crossed paths with some of the smaller reptilian creatures in Valheim know as Necks, and these creatures ...

valheim cooked serpent meat

Valheim: Cooked Serpent Meat Guide

Michael James

Nothing beats a large chunk of Sea Serpent meat to get your character ready for a big fight or adventure, ...

Valheim Barley Flour

Valheim: Barley Flour Making Guide

Michael James

Barley Flour is a processed item that comes from Barley and is used in many food recipes in Valheim, beneficial ...

Valheim Barley

Valheim: Barley Guide

Michael James

Barley is one of the highly searched ingredients in Valheim due to its many recipes that can be crafted with ...

Valheim Entrails

Valheim: Entrails Guide

Michael James

Entrails may be one of the most disgusting things you can find in Valheim, and imagine how gross it would ...

Valheim Turnip

Valheim: Turnip Guide

Michael James

Turnips are one of the mid to late-game vegetables that you can grow and farm in Valheim, and these are ...

valheim Flax

Valheim: Flax Farming Guide

Michael James

One of the more late-game crops in Valheim is Flax, and this can only be found in the Plains biome ...

Valheim Blood bag

Valheim: Bloodbags Farming Guide

Michael James

Bloodbags are an important item for survivability, and play a huge role in the mid to endgame in Valheim. These ...

Valheim Lox

Valheim: Lox Taming Guide

Michael James

If you have traveled to the Plains biome, you may have noticed these bulky creatures known as Lox who roam ...

Valheim Wolf

Valheim: Wolf Taming Guide

Michael James

Wolves are some of the most elegant yet deadly creatures that you can find in Valheim, and owning one would ...

Valheim Serpent Meat

Valheim: Serpent Meat Farming Guide

Michael James

The ocean is vast, and there is a creature valued by its rare meat, the Sea Serpent, and several of ...

Valheim Yellow Mushroom

Valheim: Yellow Mushroom Farming Guide

Michael James

One of the stranger food items that you may find is the Yellow Mushroom, also known as the Glowing Mushroom ...

Valheim Raw Meat

Valheim: Raw Meat Farming Guide

Michael James

Hunting provides you with the chance to gather delicious Raw Meat in Valheim, mainly by hunting the wildlife all around ...

Valheim Raw Fish

Valheim: Raw Fish Farming Guide

Michael James

You will notice as you move closer to bodies of water that there are sometimes fish swimming around and yes, ...

Valheim Ooze

Valheim: Ooze Farming Guide

Michael James

Ooze is a stranger type of resource that you can find in Valheim, and its properties, while disgusting, prove quite ...

Valheim Neck Tail

Valheim: Neck Tail Farming Guide

Michael James

When you first start out in Valheim, you will stumble upon a few weaker creatures in the game which can ...

Valheim Raspberries

Valheim: Raspberries Farming Guide

Michael James

Nothing beats a lovely juicy couple of Raspberries to munch on when you first start playing Valheim, and these can ...

Valheim Mushroom

Valheim: Mushroom Farming Guide

Michael James

One of the most common items you find early in Valheim is Mushrooms and these serve as an earlier source ...

Valheim: Lox Meat Farming Guide

Michael James

A great deal of sustenance comes from the animals you hunt in Valheim, and there are different kinds of meat ...

Valheim Dandelion

Valheim: Dandelion Farming Guide

Michael James

Even some of the most basic-looking items in Valheim have a purpose, and the Dandelion is no exception as this ...

Valheim cluoudberries

Valheim: Cloudberries Farming Guide

Michael James

You may run into different kinds of berries in Valheim, and these depend on which kind of biome you are ...

Valheim Chain

Valheim: Chain Farming Guide

Michael James

One of the mid to late-tier resources you can find in Valheim is the Chain resource, which you might think ...

Valheim Troll Head

Valheim: Troll Hide Farming Guide

Michael James

Nothing beats taking resources from a kill, especially when it is one as large as a Troll, and one of ...

Valheim Needle

Valheim: Needle Farming Guide

Michael James

As you progress in Valheim, you will eventually come across more dangerous biomes, and these offer the chance to get ...

Valheim Blueberries

Valheim: Blueberries Farming Guide

Michael James

Blueberries are one of the earlier foods that you can get when you first start out in Valheim, but there ...

Valheim building

Valheim: Building Guide

Michael James

One of the best things in Valheim as well as an important feature is the ability to build structures and ...

valheim carrot seed farming

Valheim: Carrot Seed Farming Guide

Michael James

Cultivation is an important part of Valheim as it allows you to produce items such as Carrots which can be ...

Valheim coal farming

Valheim: Coal Farming Guide

Michael James

Progression in Valheim requires that you eventually get your hands on different kinds of metals and to smelt them, you ...

Valheim core wood farming

Valheim: Core Wood Farming Guide

Michael James

There are different types of wood in Valheim, and Core Wood is one of them, which is easily obtained early ...

Elder Bark Farming

Valheim: Ancient Elder Bark Farming Guide

Michael James

As you progress in Valheim, you will come across an older type of wood known as Ancient Bark or Elder ...

Valheim Feathers Farming

Valheim: Feathers Farming Guide

Michael James

When it comes to archery, you will need an ample amount of feathers for crafting the different arrows that you ...

valheim Fine Wood Farming

Valheim: Fine Wood Farming Guide

Michael James

In Valheim, you will notice that there are different kinds of trees amongst the different biomes, some of these trees ...

Valheim Indoor Fire Build

Valheim: Fire Indoors Build Guide

Michael James

In Valheim, your character will need light and warmth to remain in a comfortable state and it is important to ...

Valheim Smelting

Valheim Smelting Guide: How to Get & Use Smelter, Smelting Ore …

Michael James

While you progress in Valheim, you will eventually come across different kinds of metals that you can mine. These metals ...

Valheim The Elder Boss Fight

Valheim: The Elder Boss Guide (Location, Summon, Defeating, Weakness, Drops…)

Michael James

The Elder is the second boss in Valheim and takes the presence of a large entity in the shape of ...

Valheim Ymir Flesh

Valheim: Ymir Flesh Farming

Michael James

Ymir flesh, also known as Ymir meat by other players is a special resource in Valheim that cannot be obtained ...

Valheim Surtling Core

Valheim: Surtling Core Farming Guide

Michael James

There are certain resources in the game that you need to farm when it comes to progression as well as ...

Valheim Stamina

Valheim: Stamina Guide

Michael James

The stamina mechanics in Valheim can be quite challenging for some players and it is necessary that you keep your ...

Valheim Sea Serpent Hunting

Valheim: Sea Serpent Hunting Guide

Michael James

Serpent hunting can be quite a challenge, especially if you are not up for the task when it comes to ...

Valheim Parrying

Valheim: Parrying Guide

Michael James

Enemies can be quite tough, but luckily you can block most of their attacks, provided you have the right gear ...

Valheim Leather Scraps

Valheim: Leather Scraps Farming

Michael James

A lot of items in Valheim require similar resources and one of these resources is Leather Scraps, which has a ...

Valheim Inventory Management

Valheim: Inventory Management Guide

Michael James

Your inventory is important in Valheim and you need to make sure you have everything in the right place so ...

Valheim Deer Hide Farming

Valheim: Deer Hide Farming Guide

Michael James

Deer hunting can be a great way to improve your archery skills and it also helps to farm Deer Hide ...

Valheim Chitin Farming

Valheim: Chitin Farming Guide

Michael James

Among most of the rarest resources out there, you may find that there is one called Chitin or as players ...

Valheim Cart

Valheim: Cart Guide

Michael James

Carrying items around with you can be quite a hassle as your inventory slots may impose a limit to your ...

Valheim Bone Fragments

Valheim: How to Farm Bone Fragments

Michael James

Bone fragments are bone shards that can be used to craft and upgrade items in Valheim which become useful as ...

Valheim Boat

Valheim: How to Craft Boats

Michael James

In Valheim you will find your island surrounded by the ocean and beyond that, there are other islands to explore. ...


Valheim: Tin Farming Guide

Michael James

In order to progress to crafting Bronze items, you will need to first gather Tin and Copper which are used ...


Valheim: Stone Farming Guide

Michael James

One of the first resources you will get in Valheim is Stone and you will be able to get it ...


Valheim: Flint Farming Guide

Michael James

Valheim has quite a handful of resources which each has its own purpose which mostly involves crafting new items. One ...


Valheim: Bronze Farming Guide

Michael James

Reaching the Bronze tier in Valheim can be a pretty huge step as it allows you to fight against stronger ...

Valheim Thistle Farming

Valheim: Thistle Farming Guide

Michael James

In Valheim, you will need to harvest a lot of resources to make it easier for your characters to survive ...

Valheim boar taming

Valheim: Boar Taming Guide

Michael James

There are many creatures in Valheim, and eventually, you will come across all of them, but one common creature you ...

Eitkthyr Boss Valheim

Valheim: Eikthyr Boss Guide (Location, Drops, Power, Summon, Defeat…)

Michael James

Eikthyr is the first boss in Valheim who is likely based on Eikthyrnir from Norse Mythology and you will be ...

Valheim Copper Farming

Valheim: How to Farm Copper

Michael James

Copper is one of the early metals that you can get in Valheim but you won’t be able to farm ...

Valheim Wood Farming

Valheim: How to Farm Trees

Michael James

Wood is one of the most important materials in Valheim but you can’t farm it efficiently at the beginning given ...


Valheim: How to Level Up Skills

Michael James

There are certain things that you do in Valheim that will get you to experience with certain skills, such as ...


Valheim: Respawn Guide

Michael James

Death can sometimes be inevitable in Valheim as there are many dangers that put your character’s life at risk and ...


Valheim: How To Increase Weight Limit

Michael James

There are several resources that you may find in Valheim and a lot of them need to be farmed to ...


Valheim: Fishing Guide (How to Catch, Fishing Spots & Usages…)

Michael James

You may notice that there are fish usually swimming around certain parts of the waters in Valheim and it appears ...


Valheim: How to Unlock & Use Portal

Michael James

In Valheim, you will need to travel across large distances to progress as you face enemies, collect resources, and defeat ...


Valheim: How To Repair Items

Michael James

One of the worst times for you to be in a fight would be when your gear is broken and ...


Valheim: How to Heal

Michael James

Health is pretty much an understandable part of any game, you lose all of it and your character is dead, ...