Valheim: Dandelion Farming Guide

Valheim Dandelion

Even some of the most basic-looking items in Valheim have a purpose, and the Dandelion is no exception as this becomes important in the late game.

You see, Dandelions are needed to craft health-restoring items, which will be discussed later on in this guide.

The most important thing is you know how and where to get Dandelions for use later on as it would be a downside having to farm these without knowledge of them.

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How to Farm Dandelion?

Picking Up Dandelions

Farming Dandelions is not hard, but neither is it easy as these come in small amounts and are not available across all biomes.

You can mostly find Dandelions in the Meadows around open spots that are further away from parts with trees.

While running around the Meadows, you will notice yellow flowers around the area,Dandelions, and interact with them.

Once you interact with one, this picks up the Dandelion and drops it on the ground, which will cause it to be picked up and placed in your inventory if you are nearby.

Killing Greydwarf Brutes

Dandelions can drop from Greydwarf Brutes when killed and you can get even more based on their level.

One way to farm Dandelions from Greydwarfs Brutes is to search for a Greydwarf nest and kill them as they spawn along with other Greydwarfs.

It will allow you to farm a fairamount of Dandelions, Wood, Resin, Greydwarf Eyes, and more resources you may need for later on.

Dandelion Uses

There are currently not many uses for the Dandelion and it is now only used to create different healing meads.

The following are the Dandelion recipe items.


  • Mead Base: Medium Healing
  • Mead Base: Minor Healing

After crafting the Mead Base for medium or minor healing meads, you can place them inside a Fermentor, which will craft the specific mead within twoingame days.

Healing meads will have a cooldown when used, but this is over within a small amount of time and comes in handy when fighting formidable enemies or bosses.

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Dandelion Respawn

Dandelions respawn in around 240 minutes after being picked and will do so in the same spot, making it useful to mark it on your map.

There are no Dandelion Seeds in Valheim, but it may be possible that in the future that it will be implemented for cultivation purposes. 


Dandelions can be stored in stacks of 50 and can be placed in chests later on when you are going to craft healing meads.

An excellent way to spot Dandelions is to zoom your camera out, so you have a clear view of the area to make farming Dandelions faster.

You caneasily find Dandelions as you first start in the game, but players tend to ignore them first, so try to grab as many as you can when you have space in your inventory.

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