Valheim: Carrot Seed Farming Guide

valheim carrot seed farming

Cultivation is an important part of Valheim as it allows you to produce items such as Carrots which can be used as food.

Although it may require you to progress first into the game, eventually you will be able to plant seeds and harvest crops.

One of the kinds of vegetables in the game you can farm is Carrots, and to begin, you will need Carrot Seeds.

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How To Farm Carrot Seed in Valheim?

Carrot Seeds are needed to plant crops that allow you to harvest to provide you with Carrots that you may harvest.

Once you get your hands on a few Carrot Seeds, you will be able to start a cycle of unlimited Carrots and Carrot Seeds.

Picking Up Carrot Seed Plants

You can get Carrot Seeds by heading into the Black Forest and looking around for a white plant known as the Carrot Seed Plant.

You can identify it by seeing a single plant which divides into 3 parts with white at the end that you must interact with.

Once you interact with a Carrot Seeds Plant, the seeds will drop to the ground and you will be able to pick them up to plant Carrots later on.

Carrot Seed Plant Cultivation

The Carrot Seed Recipe is available via the Cultivator, which you will you to plant Carrot Seeds with Carrots and vice versa.

You can generate Carrot Seeds from Carrots by selecting the Carrot Seeds item and placing it on cultivated ground.

To create cultivated ground, you will need to first use the Cultivator and afterward, you will be able to plant with it.

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Where to Find Carrot Seed?

There is more than one Carrot Seed location in most of the Black Forest biomes and you can easily find them during the day as well as night.

It is best to pan your camera view out to get a good view of the area so you can easily see the white parts of the Carrot Seed Plants in the area.

Carrot Seed Use in Valheim

Carrot Seeds currently have one use in Valheim, and that is to be planted to grow Carrots which you can harvest.

Using the Carrots that you harvest from the plants, you can create more Carrot Seed Plants to repeat the process.

Carrots that you grow from the Carrot Seeds can either be used to make Carrot Seed Plants, tame Boars or for cooking Carrot Soup.

In order to get a lot of Carrots, you should avoid using up all of the Carrots you have for cooking and instead, continue planting them until you have an ample amount.

Best Way to Farm Carrot Seed

The best way to get Carrot Seeds is to continue with farming them via the Cultivator and you can easily get a large number of Carrots after quite some time.

Farming in such a manner will save you time and reduce the need to run back into the Black Forest to grab more.

Although there is a Carrot Seed time for respawning, its much better to just make your farm and cultivate as much as you can.


While many players focus mostly on loot and hunting, farming will provide you with a good supply of crops that you can use later on.

Carrot Soup makes a good choice for food, especially when you have the resources to craft it during the early part of the game.

Remember that the more you plant, the more you will get and this will provide you with the means of having an unlimited supply of Carrots.

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