Valheim: Chitin Farming Guide

Valheim Chitin Farming

Among most of the rarest resources out there, you may find that there is one called Chitin or as players labeled it, Abyssal chitin.

This resource is required to craft the Abyssal Knife weapon and the Abyssal Harpoon utility tool which comes in handy later on.

In order to get chitin, you need to first find large leviathans which some players have started calling the Kraken.

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How to Farm Chitin?

Chitin is farmed by mining the Abyssal Barnacles on the back of the Leviathan but this may disturb it and cause it to submerge.

If you are on the Leviathan’s back, it won’t do anything but once you start harvesting the Abyssal Barnacles, each one you mine has a chance to cause it to react.

Mining the Abyssal Barnacles will cause them to drop Chitin which you collect and you should do this fast.

There is no need to worry if the Leviathan does not make a sound but once it does, you have up to about 20 seconds to finish farming and get back to your ship.

Even if the Leviathan submerges, it will not attack you and it will simply just go away until it reappears again.

The Abyssal Barnacles on the back of the Leviathan can be mined with a pickaxe but other resources on its back will be invulnerable such as rocks and trees.

Where to Find Leviathan?

There is no specific chitin location except for leviathans and to find them, you will need to travel the oceans in search of them.

To find the Kraken or Leviathan, you need to explore the ocean more but beware though, as Sea Serpents may see you and attack.

It is best to be prepared for any attacks and to keep your eyes out for any weird-shaped round islands that may be Leviathans.

A good way to spot the Leviathan is if it has a bunch of weirdly shaped rocks and a scarce amount of trees or even just a single tree on its back.

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Chitin Recipes

The following can be crafted using Chitin:

  • Abyssal Blade (Chitin Knife)
  • Abyssal Harpoon (Chitin Harpoon)


Chitin is actually not that hard to farm but you may want to stick with a Karve or a Longboat because those can outrun Sea Serpents.

You can spot the Leviathans from a long distance away and should investigate them when you get the chance to be sure you don’t miss anything.

Leviathans can provide you with a good amount of Chitin which can reach about 50 to 100 or more if you clear out all the Abyssal Barnacles on its back.

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