Valheim: How to Farm Bone Fragments

Valheim Bone Fragments

Bone fragments are bone shards that can be used to craft and upgrade items in Valheim which become useful as you start out in the game.

You will mostly need them when you craft Troll and Deer items as well as upgrade them to higher levels to improve their quality.

There are numerous ways on how to get Bone Fragments in Valheim and some may be easy while the other ways are harder but more rewarding.

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How To Farm Bone Fragments?

There are several Bone Fragments locations to check out if you are searching for them and the best places to check are those with Skeletons.

Defeating Skeletons


You can get Bone Fragments by defeating skeleton enemies and also pick them up as loot in dungeons such as the Burial Chambers.

Skeletons also exist within the Black Forest in small numbers and also the Swamp where their numbers are greater.

Later on in the game skeletons may start to spawn nearer to your base, especially at night as the game progresses.

Destroying Bone Piles


Bone Piles spawn skeletons within a short amount of time and can be destroyed to drop bone fragments that you can collect.

A farming method with Bone Piles is to wait for it to spawn skeletons and kill them each time they spawn which you can repeat as many times as you want until you have enough Bone Fragments.

Digging Up Graves

You may notice some stones scattered around Valheim that appear as burial markings and these can be dug up to reveal bones as well as chests.

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Skeleton Spawn Location

You can find and farm a large number of skeletons mostly in the Black Forest, Burial Chambers as well as in the Swamp.

The Black Forest has the least skeletons while the Burial Chambers within them contain multiple skeletons inside.

As you traverse through the Swamp biome, you may notice that there are a lot of skeletons that spawn aside from just Draugrs.

Evil Bone Pile Spawn Location

You can find Evil Bone Piles within the Burial Chambers but not all of them have these skeleton spawners.

The same goes for the Swamp but you will also find Draugr spawns which have a higher ratio to spawn along with Evil Bone Piles.

Bone Fragments Use

The following are the main uses of Bone Fragments in Valheim:


  • Deer hide cape
  • Troll hide cape
  • Troll leather helmet


  • Club
  • Leather pants
  • Leather tunic
  • Stagbreaker
  • Troll Set

Best Way to Farm Bone FragmentsVALBFG017-4

The best way to farm a lot of Bone Fragments would be to find an Evil Bone Pile and wait for it to spawn skeletons.

You can kill a lot of skeletons while waiting and leave afterward without destroying the Evil Bone Pile so that you can return later if you need more Bone Fragments.

If you can’t find any Evil Bone Piles, you may want to stick to searching in the different Burial Grounds that you can find in the Black Forest.

You can still resort to going to the Swamp biome and killing skeletons there but you should be careful as there are Drauger, Leeches, Blobs, and more that can be deadly to newer players.


Skeletons are relatively easy to kill and you can take them on early using clubs as they are weak against blunt damage.

Bows deal less damage to skeletons as they are someone resistant to piercing attacks, so you probably want to stick with a club or an axe if you just started out.

It is good to keep a stock of Bone Fragments aside for later on just in case you need them for crafting or upgrading items.

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