Valheim: Deer Hide Farming Guide

Valheim Deer Hide Farming

Deer hunting can be a great way to improve your archery skills and it also helps to farm Deer Hide to make Deer Hide armor and the Deer Hide Cloak.

You will need Deer Hide for a lot more items though and this means you need a good supply if you want to craft all the stuff you need.

Crafting items allows you to turn Deer Hide into leather armor and is required for multiple weapons as well as other structures.

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How to Get Deer Hide?

In regards to how to farm Deer Hide, there is no deer taming in Valheim and this crosses out the option to domesticate them for livestock, so you will have to resort to hunting them.

Deer can be found all around in many locations, especially the Meadows and in the Black Forest which makes it easy for you to hunt them.

The only way you can get Deer Hide is to hunt down and kill Deer so you can collect their Deer Hide and Raw Meat.

Hunting Deer

You can easily hunt Deer by sneaking up on them to shoot them with a Bow or creep up and get them with a fast melee weapons such as a knife.

A Bow is mainly the best choice as they are less likely to notice you and this will also give you time to pick 2 or more if they are in groups.

Stealth is usually the key at first when it comes to hunting Deer but as soon as you progress in the game, better Bows will give you an advantage when killing them.

Some players are also able to develop their character to run fast and can easily chase Deer and pick them off with a melee weapon.

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Deer Hide Uses

The following are the uses for Deer Hide:

Basic Weapons

  • Finewood bow

Leather Armor

  • Leather helmet
  • Leather pants
  • Leather tunic
  • Deer hide cape

Bronze Armor

  • Bronze helmet
  • Bronze plate cuirass
  • Bronze plate leggings

Bronze Weapons

  • Bronze spear

Iron Weapons

  • Huntsman bow

Iron Armor

  • Iron greaves
  • Iron helmet
  • Iron scale mail

Silver Weapons

  • Draugr fang

Crafting Station Upgrades

  • Forge bellows
  • Tanning rack


  • Deer rug
  • Dragon bed
  • Karve
  • Longship

Valheim Deer Drops

The following items can be dropped by Deer when you slay them:

  • Deer Hide
  • Raw Meat
  • Deer Trophy


You can easily hunt deer in Valheim as long as you have a bit of patience in the beginning because they can run really fast when startled.

Deer antlers or Hard Antler only come from the deer boss, Eikthyr, so don’t expect to get a pickaxe crafting item by hunting deer.

You cannot turn deer hide into leather scraps and will have to hunt Boars for that kind of resource if you need it.

It is a good idea to keep a good stock of Deer Hide for future use as it will be needed later on as you progress.

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