Valheim: Flametal Farming Guide

Valheim Flametal

Flametal is a type of hot-glowing metal that currently does not have any use yet, but it is presumed that this will be changed in future updates.

As of now, you can obtain Flametal Ore and melt it down into Flametal, but other than that, nothing else can be done.

It is most likely that a hidden object in the game, a flaming sword, is one of the current items that have Flametal as a requirement.

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How to Farm Flametal?

Flametal Ore is a resource that can be mined in the Ashlands biome, which is always south on any world seed but mostly empty.

In the Ashlands biome, you will often see numerous amount of Surtlings roaming around along with Glowing Metal piles which can be mined.

Mining Glowing Metal piles will allow you to obtain Flametal Ore, which you can smelt in the Blast Furnaces. 

Best Way to Farm Flametal Ore

As of now, the best way to farm Flametal Ore is to have an outpost set up in the Ashlands biome so that you can transfer your mined resource there.

Once you have farmed as much as you need, you can use a ship to bring your resources back to your base or transfer them by bringing them through another world.

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Flametal Use

Currently, there is no use for Flametal Ore aside from being smelted in the Blast Furnace, but even with smelted Flametal, nothing can be done.

There may be a chance that this metal is used in creating the Dyrnwyn, a sword that continues to burn as it is unsheathed.

The Dyrnwyrn is currently not included in any recipes and can only be spawned for not, but it is presumed that it will need Flametal to craft in the future.

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While there is currently no use for Flametal right now, it is good to know where you can farm them in the future.

It is a good idea to set up a Portal that connects to the Ashlands biome so that you can farm not only Flametal Ore but also other important resources.

You can find that the Surtlings in the Ashlands biome provide a good amount of Surtling Cores and Coal which you may need later on.

There are no recipes for Flametal Ore, but, surely, there will be some included in the updates in the future.

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