Diablo 4 Silver Ore (How to Get, Location, Farming & Uses)

Silver Ore is a magic quality crafting material that is often found along with Iron Chunks and is a much rarer material to obtain.

You can get Silver Ore in various ways and will begin to accumulate a lot as you continue to progress through the game.

A good supply of Silver Ore is required if you want to make sure that your weapons and jewelry are maxed out to have better stats via upgrading.

Diablo 4 Silver Ore (Magic Crafting Material)

About Silver Ore

This magic crafting material is described to be a rare metal that is used for upgrading weapons and jewelry, which makes it slightly more valuable than Iron Chunks.

Aside from its beauty, Silver is a material that is valued by artisans due to its potency against the dangerous creatures you can encounter throughout Sanctuary.

How To Get Silver Ore in Diablo 4?Interacting with Ore Veins to get Silver Ore

There is a chance for you to obtain Silver Ore when you interact with Ore Veins but the chancer is greater if you find a Glittering Ore Vein.

Silver is best obtained by salvaging weapons and jewelry, which can be done by visiting the blacksmith in most of the towns in Sanctuary.

At seldom times, certain enemies may drop Silver Ore and opening chests can sometimes reward you with them, especially ones from events.

You may also obtain Silver Ore by opening a Salvage Cache, which can be obtained by completing certain side quests that you may complete.

Silver Ore Farming

Silver Ore can be obtained easily once you have reached higher levels, where rare quality items begin to drop when you defeat certain enemies or open chests.

Once you have a lot of weapons or jewelry from looting, you can take these back to a blacksmith at any time by using a portal to get back to any town.

This can be repeated as often as you want whenever you are grinding dungeons and is one of the fastest ways to get Silver Ore.

Best Place To Get Silver Ore

The best place for you to farm Silver Ore would be in pretty much any dungeon or area where there are several enemies that you can encounter.

Locations that have a lot of Ore Veins and Glittering Ore Veins are a bonus as you can get Silver Ore from them while clearing out enemies.

Enemies who drop Rare items are a great source for getting Silver Ore since weapons are often dropped while jewelry can be obtained now and then.

Silver Ore Uses

Silver Ore is used for upgrading weapons and jewelry past level 2 up to a maximum of level 5, which requires other resources along the way.

Starting at level 2, weapons or jewelry will need Silver Ore, Iron Chunks, and more as you continue upgrading such items until level 5.

This makes Silver Ore an important resource for upgrading your weapons as a lot will be needed whenever you want to maximize your equipment.


Upgrading your weapons or jewelry to higher levels will require you to have a good amount of Silver Ore from time to time as this can be quite expensive.

It is best to save up on them early on or until you reach higher levels where Rare items often drop as later on they will be needed in larger amounts.

The more you progress with your character, the better the drops will be when you defeat enemies, which is good for obtaining items that you can salvage for Silver Ore.

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