Diablo 4 Baleful Fragment (How To Get & Uses)

The weapons you use in Diablo 4 have a big impact on how well you can encounter the enemies around Sanctuary and when it comes to legendary weapons, a lot matters.

Upgrading your weapons to higher levels is one of the best things you can do to add bonus stats and improve the capabilities of your weapons.

This can be done with Baleful Fragments, which are rare crafting materials needed to upgrade your weapons to higher levels.

Diablo 4 Baleful Fragment

About Baleful Fragment

Baleful Fragments are salvaged from and used in the improvement of legendary weapons, but these are not that easy to find.

These rare crafting materials are shards from storied weapons that have unusual properties which are beneficial for upgrading.

How To Get Baleful Fragment?Baleful Fragment in Inventory

Baleful Fragments can be obtained by salvaging Legendary Weapons, which can be done at any blacksmith in a town that you can find.

Legendary Weapons and higher quality weapons have a good chance to provide these once you have salvaged them, with multiple ones providing more Baleful Fragments.

Aside from salvaging, Baleful Fragments can also be obtained by defeating enemies at higher levels when you explore Sanctuary or grind dungeons. (They can also be obtained from Event chests)

During the Helltide, it is possible to get Baleful Fragments by killing enemies and completing events, which often have Rare Crafting Materials in the chests at the end.

Baleful Fragment Farming

Farming Baleful Fragments is all about getting Legendary Weapons, which become more frequent once you have reached higher levels.

Once you have a lot of Legendary Weapons that you no longer need (and decide not to extract the Aspects) you can salvage them for Baleful Fragments.

Exploring areas during the Helltide is a good way to get Baleful Fragments as well since Rare Crafting Materials tend to drop now and then.

Baleful Fragment Uses

Baleful Fragments are one of the materials required to upgrade weapons to higher levels, which are mainly level 4 and level 5.

By upgrading weapons to such levels, you can further improve the damage that they deal as well as their bonus stats, which increase with each level.

This can be done by visiting a blacksmith and selecting the weapon that you wish to upgrade, which requires Baleful Fragments when upgrading to level 4 or 5 along with other materials.


Baleful Fragments are one of the rarest resources to get as they are mostly obtained by salvaging legendary weapons or at higher world tiers. (Mainly World Tier 3)

Whenever you get Legendary Weapons that you do not need, it’s best to salvage them for their materials, which will include a Baleful Fragment.

Once you are near the endgame and have equipment that you are sure to use often, you should start using Baleful Fragments to upgrade them if you have enough to spare.

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