Diablo 4 Coiling Ward (How to Get & Uses)

The armor that you wear when traveling around Sanctuary plays a big role in your survival as you fight enemies that you encounter.

Each piece of armor has different stats and provides a certain amount of protection but this is often upgraded when you level up the armor.

One of the requirements that you will need when upgrading to higher levels will be a Coiling Ward, a Rare Crafting Material that can be found in certain ways.

Diablo 4 Coiling Ward

About Coiling Ward

Coiling Ward is said to be a material that can be obtained from legendary armor, making it one of the rarest materials you can get.

It is described that these are fragments from storied armor that feature some of the strangest properties, which probably explain the legendary equipment stats.

How To Get Coiling Ward?Salvaging Legendary Armor to get Coiling Ward

Coiling Wards can be obtained by salvaging Legendary Armor and higher quality ones, which provide a chance to give you the crafting material.

This can be done by visiting the blacksmith in any town and selecting the armor that you want to be salvaged, which will yield Coiling Wards.

You may also obtain Coiling Wards by defeating certain enemies or by opening chests, especially those that come at the end of an Event or during the Helltide.

Coiling Ward Farming

The best way to farm Coiling Wards is to salvage Legendary Armor that you obtain while out clearing dungeons or when exploring Sanctuary.

Legendary Armor often drops once you have reached a higher level and become more frequent when defeating elite enemies or stronger ones. (Opening chests has a good chance too, and events ones too)

Exploring areas affected by the Helltide is a good way to get Coiling Wards as they can frequently be found when defeating certain enemies or completing events.

Coiling Ward Uses

Coiling Wards are needed when you increase the level of Legendary and Sacred armor as these can reach level 5 when fully upgraded.

For both levels 4 and 5, you will need Coiling Wards along with other materials to further increase the level of your armor.

This makes it necessary to save Coiling Wards when you can as a lot of these will be needed to upgrade a full set of armor that you have equipped.


Unlike magic and rare items, legendary items require rarer resources to be upgraded, which is where Coiling Wards come into play.

It is better to level up your armor to level 3 if you intend on swapping it out later on since Coiling Wards are not that easy to obtain earlier in the game.

Once you have a good amount of Coiling Wards, you can start upgrading your endgame gear to maximize the bonus stats that they provide.

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