Diablo 4 Chapter 3 Season Journey (Season 3)

The Season Journey Chapter 3 is Season of the Construct’s way of pushing you to progress further with your character.

With a set of challenges that requires you to take on more daring feats, you can get your hands on a whole new set of rewards, including Aspects.

These are no simple tasks though and your character is expected to be around level 40 to 45 if you wish to make it through everything easily.

Chapter 3 Season 3 Diablo 4

Season 3 Season Journey Chapter 3 Objectives

  • Champion of the Lost – Clear 3 Strongholds
  • Grim Claim – Obtain 10 Caches from the Tree of Whispers
  • Predator and Prey – Defeat 100 Monsters while you are Bloodmarked in Hostile areas
  • Touching the Eternal – Unlock 13 Aspects in the Codex of Power
  • Play for Keeps Defeat Malphas, Keeper of the Vault
  • Exper Deconstruction – Defeat 50 Elite Constructs
  • Kill the Messengers – Defeat 9 Vault Heralds by summoning them at Braziers
  • Plexus Array – Acquire 14 Tuning Stones
  • Exceptional Potency – Upgrade your Potion to Light at an Alchemist
  • Zoltun’s Judgement – Acquire Zoltun’s Warding by spending a Pearl of Warding
  • Battle Hardened – Reach Level 35

Season of the Construct (Season 3) Chapter 3 Rewards

Once you have completed at least 6 out of 8 of the objectives for Season Journey Chapter 2, you will receive the following.

  • Greater Favor (Used to unlock Battle Pass Rewards)
  • Third Journey Cache (Contains Pearls of Warding, Governing Stones, Tuning Stones, and Legendary Salvage)
  • Aspect of Limitless Rage (Core Skill Aspect)
  • Aspect of the Dark Howl (Debilitating Roar – Werewolf Aspect)
  • Blood Getter’s Aspect (Skeletal Warriors Aspect)
  • Ravager’s Aspect (Shadow Step Aspect)
  • Everliving Aspect (Crowd Control – Vulnerable Enemy Aspect)


The rewards from the Season Journey’s Chapter 3 are not that bad and with the addition of more stones for your Seneschal Construct.

Although some of these may require that you reach higher levels and take up more challenges, the challenges are quite easy to complete.

Some of the challenges may be a real grind to complete but once your character is strong enough to take them on, you should eventually be able to complete them.

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