How to Get, Craft & Upgrade Tuning Stones in Diablo 4

In the Season of the Construct, players were introduced to yet another feature in Diablo 4, which was the addition of the Seneschal Construct.

While this may have seemed to be a small addition that no one would expect to have a big impact, this little mechanical critter does wonders.

You even have the option to modify it by adding abilities with Governing Stones but things don’t stop there as you can add Tuning Stones to boost them too.

Swift Support Rare Tuning Stone Season 3 (Diablo 4)

Equipping Tuning Stones

Tuning Stones and Governing Stones come hand in hand with Tuning Stones being equipped once a Governing Stone has been placed in one of two spots.

Once you have a Governing Stone equipped, you can choose which Tuning Stones you want to place in one of 3 slots for each of them.

This means that you can have 2 Governing Stones with 3 Tuning Stones each, providing them with additional stats or effects.

How To Get Tuning Stones?Doing Brazier Activities to obtain tuning stone

Tuning Stones may be obtained in two different ways, which share a similarity when it comes to obtaining Governing Stones.

Your first and easiest option is to do Brazier Activities since this will provide you with a chance to get either Governing Stones or Tuning Stones when they are complete.

Another and more difficult way is to complete Vaults but these have a chance to give you Legendary Stones, which have a chance to be Governing Stones or Tuning Stones as well.

Aside from grinding for them, you can always craft a Seneschal Stone Cache at a Jeweler but this only gives you a small chance to get Legendary Stones.

How To Craft Tuning Stones?Tuning Stone crafting

Crafting Tuning Stones is not exactly what others may think as you can only craft Seneschal Stone Caches, which can be opened to give you Tuning Stones or Governing Stones.

The stone that is dropped by the Seneschal Stone Cache is randomly selected but less likely to be a Legendary Stone and will often be a rare one instead.

This however requires a lot of materials to craft, making it best to do only if you have a lot to spare from farming during Season 3.

How To Upgrade Tuning Stones?

Tuning Stones are upgraded by picking up the same stones, which makes the additional stone add XP to it and this will cause it to rank up.

Each of the Tuning Stones can reach a maximum rank of 10, but you will need more copies of the stone before this automatically happens.

Every time a Tuning Stone reaches a new rank, it will become more effective due to the stats increasing depending on how they affect Governing Stones.

List of All Tuning Stones

The Tuning Stones support the Governing Stones, which means they only affect the abilities that the Seneschal Construct uses.

Rare Tuning Stones

  • Swift Support – Increases Attack Speed.
  • Slowing Support – Slows enemy movement speed for 2 seconds.
  • Efficiency Support – You gain 6% Critical Chance to targets that are hit.
  • Frigid Support – 50% of skill damage is applied as Cold damage over 5 seconds and applies chill.
  • Bleeding Support – 50% of skill damage is applied as Bleeding damage over 5 seconds and causes enemies to take 21% Bleeding damage from all sources while moving.
  • Electrocution Support – 50% of skill damage is applied as Lightning damage over 5 seconds and has a chance to stun enemies for 2 seconds.
  • Poison Support – 50% of damage dealt is applied as Poison damage over 5 seconds and poison has an 11% chance each second to spread all poison damage to an additional enemy.
  • Dusk Support – 50% of damage is applied as Shadow damage over 5 seconds and may cause enemies who attack to have a chance for their attacks to be interrupted.
  • Devastation Support – Skill gains increased Critical Strike Chance.
  • Mockery Support – Damage from skill taunts enemies for a certain duration but may only happen every 15 seconds per enemy.
  • Resource Support – You gain Primary Resource when the supported skill deals damage.
  • Burning Support – 50% of the damage is applied as Burning damage over 5 seconds and burning enemies will take an additional percent Critical Strike Damage from the companion.
  • Fortify Support – You gain a fortify when your Seneschal Construct uses the supported skill.
  • Safeguard Support – You gain damage reduction for 3 seconds when the supported skill is used.
  • Seeking Support – Projectile skills will auto seek enemies for a certain amount of seconds.

Legendary Tuning Stones

  • Breaking Support – Supported skill instantly destroys Barrier effects and has a chance to make them vulnerable.
  • Registered Damage Support – Damage caused by supported skill is registered, which later results in the registered damage to explode with a certain chance of effectiveness as Fire damage when the target dies.
  • Duration Support – Skill durations are increased by a certain amount of seconds.
  • Voluminous Support – Supported skills effect size is increased by a certain percentage.
  • Gripping Support – Enemies affected by damage and effects are pulled towards the Seneschal Construct. (Has a cooldown that decreases with each rank)
  • Initiative Support – Causes the Seneschal Construct to teleport to its target if they are out of range. (Cooldown affected by rank)
  • Tactical Support – Decreases cooldown of supported skill by a certain percentage.
  • Piercing Support – Projectile skills will pierce multiple enemies.
  • Multishot Support – Projectile skills unleash multiple projectiles.

Unique Tuning Stones

  • Evernight – You gain 4 levels to all your skills when this is used for 2 seconds.
  • Genesis – Skill effectiveness is increased by 150%


Your Seneschal Construct will benefit a lot from Tuning Stones as this can add various effects to its abilities to make it more efficient in combat.

While this may take some time due to the long periods of grinding, this becomes worth it once you get to upgrade your Seneschal with each new stone that you get.

It is best to always fill up the Tuning Stone slots to make the most out of your Governing Stones since these will affect the abilities that your Seneschal Construct will have.

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