How to Get, Craft & Upgrade Governing Stones in Diablo 4

The Season of the Construct introduced a new companion called the Seneschal Construct, which follows you around and attacks your enemies.

Aside from its regular attacks, you can improve its capabilities by equipping it with Governing Stones, which can be obtained in more than one way.

These stones provide the Seneschal Construct with new abilities, which may either be melee, ranged, or utility skills they use in battle.

Gyrate Rare Governing Stone Season 3 (Diablo 4)

Equipping Governing Stones

Governing Stones may be equipped by opening the Seneschal Construct menu, which can be found in your inventory screen during the Season of the Construct.

Opening this menu will show you the currently equipped Governing Stones as well as the ones that exist in the game.

You may select up to 2 Governing Stones to be used and their effects may be boosted if you equip Tuning Stones in the slots for each Governing Stone.

How To Get Governing Stones?Doing Brazier Activities

There are two ways for you to get Governing Stones, which are to complete Brazier Activities in areas where there are Arcane Tremors or to complete Vaults.

Braziers can be found in various locations, which are often filled with Obelisk Activities, and these will require you to have Shattered Stone and Elemental Cores.

Vaults on the other hand will require that you have Pearls of Warding and may be accessed from The Gatehall after you have completed the Seasonal Quests.

How To Craft Governing Stones?Governing Stones Crafting

Governing Stones are not crafted directly but you can craft caches that contain random variants of them, which may be opened after being crafted.

These are known as Seneschal Stone Caches, and they have a chance to drop either Governing Stones or Tuning Stones when you consume them.

The more of the new materials you have from Season 3, the more Seneschal Stone Caches you will be able to craft, with each one providing a good chance to get stone.

How To Upgrade Governing Stones?

Governing Stones will be more effective when their rank is higher and each of these can be leveled up to a maximum rank of 10.

Your Governing Stone will automatically be upgraded once you receive additional copies of it, which can drop from enemies or the Seneschal Stone Caches.

You can check the current rank and next rank of your Governing Stones when viewing the Seneschal Construct’s menu.

List of All Governing Stones

Governing Stones add abilities to the Seneschal Construct, which allows the companion to use them when you are fighting enemies.


  • Gyrate (Rare) – A quick attack performed by whirling the Seneschal Constructs legs to deal damage around it.
  • Pummel (Rare) – Causes the Seneschal to pummel enemies in front of it, dealing damage to those within range.
  • Bushwhack (Legendary) – Allows the Seneschal Construct to quickly ambush multiple enemies, which may strike the same target multiple times.
  • Impale (Legendary) – Sends forward a line of damage to all enemies in front of the Seneschal Construct.


  • Focus Fire (Rare) – Causes the Seneschal Construct to channel a ray of fire to deal damage over a certain amount of time.
  • Lightning Bolt (Rare) – Launches a bolt of Lightning at a target that deals damage and arcs to other enemies to deal a percentage of the original damage.
  • Firefly (Legendary) – Deploys a small Firefly construct that lands on a target and explodes multiple times after a few seconds to deal damage.
  • Tempest (Legendary) – Electrically charges an enemy, which causes them to deal damage to themselves and additional enemies over a certain time.


  • Protect (Rare) – This causes the Seneschal Construct to materialize into a protective barrier that protects you based on your maximum life for 5 seconds.
  • Reconstruct (Rare) – Channels a reconstruction beam that heals you for a certain amount of your Maximum Life over 3 seconds.
  • Flash of Adrenaline (Legendary) – The Seneschal Construct administers a quick flash of adrenaline that increases your damage dealt for 8 seconds.
  • Autodefense (Legendary) – Causes the Seneschal Construct to activate an anti material field around itself, shooting down enemy projectiles for 5 seconds.


Governing Stones play a huge role when it comes to the Seneschal Construct as these will give it new attacks based on what you have equipped the construct with.

Some of these may even be beneficial to your build and may be utilized in several ways depending on how you go about with your character.

It is best that you choose Governing Stones that will be of use to you and make sure to add Tuning Stones to improve your abilities further.

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