How To Get Shattered Stone in Diablo 4 (Season 3)

Shattered Stone is a crafting material that was introduced in Season of the Construct, which is used for crafting governing and Tuning Stones.

This material has become valuable during Season 3 since the Governing and Tuning Stones are an important part of your Seneschal Companion.

While these are needed in generous amounts, you can easily farm a lot of Shattered Stone by defeating the newer enemies that were introduced during the season.

Crafting material Shattered Stone D4

How To Get Shattered Stone?Fighting with the constructs to get Shattered Stone

Shattered Stones are dropped from the new types of enemies known as constructs and you will already have faced several of them during the Season of the Construct Questline.

Constructs are encountered several times throughout the storyline of Season 3 and you will also come across them when doing some of the new activities available in the season.

Each time you kill any type of Construct, there will be a good chance that you will be able to pick up Shattered Stones that drop.

Shattered Stone Farming

With Constructs being the best source for Shattered Stone, it is ideal for you to explore areas where new seasonal activities are present.

Several activities can be found during the season and most of them are Braziers and Obelisks, which should give you a good amount of Shattered Stones.

A good way to farm Shattered Stone would be to rotate between areas and complete as many of these activities as possible. (This will get you other resources that you may need as well)

Best Place to Farm Shattered Stone

The best place to farm Shattered Stone is where there are Arcane Tremors, as there will be several activities in the area. (You will notice them on the map as the activities are marked)

You will even find that the Constructs are roaming the sands in groups, making it easy to stumble upon group after group.

You can even lure some groups together and kill them all at the same time to save you the trouble of having to run around taking one group out at a time.

Shattered Stone Uses

Shattered Stone may be used at Braziers along with Elemental Cores to summon a Herald of Malphas, which will allow you to get Governing Stones.

There is also a chance that a Pearl of Wandering may be dropped when a Herald of Malphas is defeated along with additional loot.

Aside from the mentioned uses, you can also use Shattered Stone to craft Seneschal Stone Caches at any Jeweler that you have access to.


Shattered Stone is not that difficult to farm since a lot of locations can be explored to find Constructs that you can destroy.

Crafting Seneschal Stone Caches may be a bit pricey but it is an alternative to other methods of getting Governing Stones and Tuning Stones.

After completing several of the activities available in the season, you should be able to get not only Shattered Stone but also other seasonal materials.

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