Diablo 4 Drums of the Vault Quest Walkthrough (Season 3)

You were previously sent by Ayuzhan to investigate the situation in The Nursery, which is where the constructs are created and stored.

It was discovered that the place has been overrun and Malphas is now in control, which means that he can continuously make constructs.

Before you and Ayuzhan may proceed with stopping him, the means of being able to communicate must be figured out and to your luck, the sorcerer has a plan.

Season 3 Drums of the Vault D4

Drums of the Vault Objectives:

  • Speak with Ayuzhan in the Gatehall
  • Gather 50 Shattered Stones from Constructs
  • Gather 3 Cores from Obelisks
  • Upgrade the Seneschal using the Brazier in the Gatehall
  • Speak with Ayuzhan

Drums of the Vault Quest WalkthroughSpeaking to Ayuzhan in the Gatehall

Starting from where you left off in The Nursery, you will need to make your way back to the Gatehall and speak to Ayuzhan. (Fast-traveling to the Gatehall is the best way to get to him quickly)

Once you arrive at the Gatehall, go to Ayuzhan and interact with him to begin the conversation where he begins talking about an upgrade for your Seneschal Construct.

You will be instructed by Ayuzhan to collect certain materials that will be needed for the upgrade, which will allow you to communicate across great distances.

Gathering Cores from Obelisks

After speaking to Ayuzhan, you may exit through the Gatehall’s entrance and will find that there are a lot of spots where you can get the materials.

Shattered Stones will be obtainable from defeating Constructs while Elemental Cores are obtained from Obelisks that you interact with.

  • 50 Shattered Stones
  • 3 Elemental Cores

Making way back to the Gatehall

After you have collected the required material, it’s time for you to make your way back to the Gatehall where you will need to upgrade your Seneschal at the Seneschal Brazier near Ayuzhan.

Upgrading your Seneschal at the brazier will require a Pearl of Warding, which you may have already obtained if you had done any Arcane Tremors along the way.

Once you have upgraded your Seneschal, speak with Ayuzhan again, and shortly after he instructs you to go to the Fracture Peaks, the quest will be complete.

Drums of the Vault Bug

The Drums of the Vault quest is known to have a bug that prevents you from progressing as it seems someone else from the instance has already used it.

To fix this, you will need to teleport out of the Gatehall to leave the instance and log out of the game to reset this problem.

Once that is done, log back into the game and travel to the Gatehall again and you will be able to use the Seneschal Brazier.

Drums of the Vault Quest Rewards

After upgrading your Seneschal and speaking to Ayuzhan, the quest will be complete and the next one called The Smothered Ache will begin.

Completing Drums of the Vault will reward you with the following:

  • XP
  • Gold


In order to eliminate the lack of communication, your Seneschal needs to be upgraded but there is still much to do.

You will now need to follow Ayuzhan’s instructions and find the vault within the mountains of the Fractured Peak.

Ayuzhan has some engraving tools that were left behind and he needs you to get them but he will be guiding you along the way.

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