How To Get Elemental Core in Diablo 4 (Season 3)

An Elemental Core is a resource that is labeled as a Magic Currency, which was introduced when the Season of the Construct arrived.

This resource is required during the season if you wish to strengthen your Seneschal Companion with new Governing Stones and Tuning Stones.

While these come in small amounts, Elemental Cores are not that hard to obtain as long as you hang out in areas where there are Arcane Tremors.

Crafting Material Elemental Core D4

How To Get Elemental Core?Interacting with an Obelisk to get Elemental Core

Elemental Cores are quite easy to get as all you need to do is find an Obelisk and get close enough to interact with it.

These may sometimes have enemies guarding them and will have elemental attacks that prevent you from reaching them, which makes timing necessary.

Interacting with an Obelisk will cause an Elemental Core to drop along with other loot that you can get your hands on.

Elemental Core Farming

There are 3 different Obelisks, which are the Igneous Obelisk (Fire), Gelid Obelisk (Ice) and the Voltaic Obelisk (Lightning), each randomly spawning in an Arcane Tremor.

Arcane Tremors are areas where there is a lot of activity from Season of the Construct, which is mainly the Obelisks and Braziers.

After you have obtained an Elemental Core from an Obelisk, you may continue searching for others while the previous one is on cooldown.

Best Place to Farm Elemental Core

Elemental Cores are best found in Arcane Tremors as these are sure to have a lot of Obelisks spawn in them but these can exist at multiple locations.

One of the more common places to find the Obelisks and Braziers would be right outside of the Gatehall, which is at the Scouring Sands in Kehjistan.

Other locations may have Arcane Tremors at times, which makes it important to check them out first to see if the activities are present.

Elemental Core Uses

Once you have an Elemental Core, you will need to use a few of these along with Shattered Stone to summon a Herald of Malphas.

This will cause the Brazier to light up, which causes enemies and eventually a Herald of Malphas to attack you but there will be rewards upon its defeat.

A Herald of Malphas will drop a Pearl of Warding, which is used as an offering to Zoltun Statues inside vaults that give you stacks of Zoltun’s Warding. (This allows you to open Wardwoven Chests)


Farming Elemental Cores is one of the most important parts of Season 3 since it is a step to getting your hands on Pearls of Warding.

You may often interact with Obelisks easily when you time your movement right and most of the time you can rotate between different locations to skip cooldowns.

Once you master obtaining Elemental Cores, the path to getting much better loot will be an easy grind during Season of the Construct.

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