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Reaching the Bronze tier in Valheim can be a pretty huge step as it allows you to fight against stronger monsters, harvest more resources, and survive harsher situations.

Bronze items can be a big help and also allow you to start doing more things in the game such as farming with the Cultivator or chopping down sturdy tries like the Oak and Birch tree for Fine Wood.

The moment you are able to mine Copper and Tin, you will be able to make your way into the Bronze tier in Valheim.

For those who wonder how to get Bronze in Valheim, it is not mined but instead, crafted from other metals.

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Smelting Copper and IronVALBFG012-2

In order to get Bronze in Valheim, you will have to use Copper and Tin bars to craft it, which requires that you smelt Copper ore and Tin ore to create bars.

You will need Charcoal Kiln to turn wood into Coal which you will use to smelt the ores into bars with Smelters.

Once you have Copper and Tin bars, you will be able to craft Bronze bars and use those to craft Bronze items in Valheim.

Where to Get Copper and Tin?

To start making Bronze, you will need Copper and Tin, which are smelted from their respective ores that you mine.

You can find both Copper and Tin at the Black Forest, which is accessible early on to players who have just started out but a pickaxe is needed, thus requiring you to defeat Eikthyr, the first boss.

Copper deposits can be found around the inner parts of the Black Forest as well as around the outer parts while Tin can be mined from Tin deposits along the shore and rivers of the Black Forest.

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How to Craft Bronze?VALBFG012-3

Before crafting Bronze items, you will need a Forge, which is made with Copper and other resources that you can easily farm.

Once you have built yourself a Forge, you can bring the Copper and Tin bars and craft Bronze or 5x Bronze which are the same in costs with the only difference being the time it takes to craft.

For every 2 Copper, you will need 1 Tin to craft 1 Bronze bar, which means you will need 10 Copper bars and 5 Tin bars to craft 5x Bronze bars. 

What Can You Make with Bronze?

Bronze introduces a lot of new items once you pick up a bar and these will be learned right away and available for crafting provided you have all of the resources needed.

Bronze is mainly used for the following:

Bronze Weapons

  • Bronze Atgeir
  • Bronze Axe
  • Bronze Mace
  • Bronze Pickaxe
  • Bronze Spear
  • Bronze Sword
  • Bronzehead Arrow

Bronze Tools

  • Cultivator

Bronze Armor

  • Bronze Buckler
  • Bronze Helmet
  • Bronze Plate Cuirass
  • Bronze Plate Leggings


  • Adze
  • Anvils

Crafting Station

  • Fermenter


  • Hanging Brazier

Crafting Material

  • Bronze Nails


Upgrading to the Bronze tier is a huge step in Valheim and is a requirement for you to progress further into the game.

You will need Bronze tools to farm more resources and Bronze weapons to face stronger enemies that you will encounter.

A good supply of Bronze is needed when you wish to upgrade your Forge and this should be done right away to provide you with higher upgrade levels for your items.

A Cultivator is a farming tool that you can craft with Bronze and will allow you to start planting seeds, trees and allow you to begin your vegetable farming experience in Valheim.

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