Valheim: Feathers Farming Guide

Valheim Feathers Farming

When it comes to archery, you will need an ample amount of feathers for crafting the different arrows that you will use with your bows.

In order to craft arrows, feathers are needed and you will need to know how you can farm a good amount of them for preparations.

There are few ways on how to get feathers in Valheim and you will notice that farming feathers can be quite easy once you understand the best ways to it.

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How to Farm Feathers?

There are basically a few ways in regards to feathers farming in Valheim and these include the below-mentioned methods.

Bird Hunting

If you have started out in Valheim and played for quite some time, you may have noticed the abundance of birds that live around the different biomes.

There are different birds such as Seagulls and Crows depending on where you are and these are easily spooked if you get close.

In order to kill birds, you will need to use a bow and take them out from a distance but to conserve resources, it’s best to craft Wood Arrows as these only need 8 wood for 20 arrows.

Once you spot a bird, you can easily take it out from a distance and it will yield 3 Feathers when you kill it.

Chopping Trees

While chopping trees, it is possible that the trees may hit a bird which will cause it to drop 3 Feathers which you can collect.

Feathers may drop from trees themselves which may be the indication that there might have been a hidden nest within it.

Eventually, you will always turn up with feathers as you cut down trees and shoot birds with arrows every now and then.

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Bird Location

You can find birds almost anywhere and hunt them for their feathers but it’s easier to build a base that you eventually expand.

Birds have the tendency to stay near your base due to the elevation of the structures and later on become easy targets when you need Feathers.

You can easily spot birds near the shore as they tend to land around almost anywhere but this provides a decent view since fewer trees make it easier to find them.

Feathers Use

You can mainly use Feathers for crafting different types of arrows as well as the Dragon Bed which provides more comfort in your home.

The Huntsman Bow is one of the stronger bows you can craft once you get Iron in Valheim and is also crafted with Feathers.

The different Feathers recipes include the following:


  • Huntsman Bow


  • BronzeheadArrow
  • Fire Arrow
  • Flinthead Arrow
  • Frost Arrow
  • IronheadArrow
  • Needle Arrow
  • Obsidian Arrow
  • Poison Arrow
  • Silver Arrow


  • Dragon bed

Best Way Get Feathers

The best way to get Feathers is to hunt birds because chopping down trees can easily consume stamina and you are never sure to get them.

It is better to establish a base and later on provide a view to see the birds that are in the area but you can also wander off in search of birds who occasionally fly around and land.

Birds will always land and even if you startle them, they will attempt to land after flying around for some time.

You should grab a bow with Wood Arrows and take out as many birds as you can find since this saves time, stamina, and resources.


While you do not need different types of arrows as you start out in the game, you will notice that as you progress, more enemies become harder to kill.

In able to deal a good amount of damage with your bows, you need to upgrade to newer bows and get different arrows for not only damage but elemental damage as well.

Having different arrows with elemental properties makes it easier to kill enemies by exploiting their weaknesses.

The Dragon Bed provides 2 comfort in an area and it makes it worth the while to have and uses Feathers to make it can be considered a big help in the long run.

The Huntsman Bow requires Feathers to craft and upgrade, so you will need a good supply of Feathers if you use it as one of your main weapons when progressing throughout the game.

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