Valheim: Surtling Core Farming Guide

Valheim Surtling Core

There are certain resources in the game that you need to farm when it comes to progression as well as convenience.

Surtling Cores are one of these resources as you will need them for crafting a Smelter and Coal Kiln for processing metal ores as well as a Portal for getting around faster.

Eventually, you will need a good supply of Surtling Cores for the said purposes and later on others as well as you progress further in Valheim.

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How to Farm Surtling Cores?

There are different Surtling Core farm methods that you can resort to such as searching for them in the Burial Chambers that are scattered around the Black Forest.

Another way would be to defeat Surtlings that can be found in the Swamp biome or the Ashlands biome.

There are certain times when Surtling Cores can be found in random chests depending on where you find and open them.

Where to Find Surtling Core?

When it comes to the best Surtling Core Farm Location, two of the best places to choose from would either be the dungeons in the Black Forest or the Surtling spawn locations in the Swamp biome.

Burial Chambers (Black Forest Dungeon)

Burial Chambers can be found in the Black Forest and these are guarded by skeletons from the outside as well as they have skeletons who inhabit them within.

You can find Surtling Cores lying around on stone tables, torches, and other places within the chambers inside.

Surtling Spawn (Swamp Biome)

There are spawn points for Surtlings, who drop Surtling Cores when they are killed but be careful as they hurl fireballs which can cause damage over time.

An easy way to turn these into Surtling Core farms is to dig around with your pickaxe so that the Surtlings end up submerging in the water.

Surtlings are made up mostly of fire and will end up dying upon contact with any kind of water, thus making it easy to get the Surtling Cores they drop on death.

Ashlands Biome

The Ashlands biome is always at the south of your world and is home to Surtlings which are found in large quantities.

Setting up a teleporter before heading to the Ashlands is a good idea, that when when you reach it, you can set up another one to connect to it.

Creating a connection between the two portals will give you access to the Ashlands whenever you need it and you can even build a base or camp to go to when farming Surtling Cores there.

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Surtling Core Use

The Surtling Core is used in building processing stations which are the following:

  • Blast furnace
  • Bonfire
  • Charcoal kiln
  • Portal
  • Smelter
  • Ward

You can also turn a Surtling Core into a firework by placing it in your item bar and using it on a Campfire or Bonfire.


There is no Surtling Core respawn in dungeons, so once you pick them up, you will have to find more elsewhere.

Farming Surtlings is the best way to get your Surtling Cores and you should resort to either setting up a Portal in the Ashlands or creating a trap for them in the swamp.

Doing the Swamp method is much easier as you simply need to return to the spawn and pick up the Surtling Cores and won’t need to chase them around like in the Ashlands.

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