Valheim: Core Wood Farming Guide

Valheim core wood farming

There are different types of wood in Valheim, and Core Wood is one of them, which is easily obtained early on in the game if you know where to find it.

Core Wood is sturdier type of wood and is mostly used in building and the crafting of structures in Valheim.

In order to get Core Wood, you simply need to fine the right trees and will not require any progression to obtain it.

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How to Farm Core Wood?

Core Wood is basically farmed from Pine Trees which can be found all around the Black Forest and are distinctive in their darker appearance than normal trees.

All you need to do is head towards the Black Forest beyond the Meadows and you will start to notice the Pine Trees that inhabit it.

Grab any type of axe (even a Stone Axe) and use it to chop down the Pine Trees as well as further chop the logs until they break into both Wood and Core Wood.

Wood Cutting Skill

Just like with other trees, Pine Trees have a certain amount of health and the higher your Wood Cutting skill is, the easier it will be for you to cut down Pine Trees.

No matter what kind of tree you are chopping, your Wood Cutting skill will continue to increase every time you swing your axe and deal damage.

Efficiently leveling up your Wood Cutting skill will result in an easier farming experience when it comes to chopping down trees and breaking logs.

Planting Pine Trees

When Pine Trees are cut down, they drop Pine Cone, which others refer to as Pine Seed or Pine Sapling based on other survival games.

You can plant these seeds in the ground with a Cultivator, a tool used for farming which allows you to place different seeds almost anywhere.

The Cultivator can be used to plant the Pine Cones you have which will eventually grow into Pine Trees, making it easy to farm Core Wood later on.

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Core Wood Uses

As of now, Core Wood has a limited number of recipes that are mainly important for early to midgame and include the following uses:

Core Wood Weapons

  • Finewood bow
  • Stagbreaker

Core Wood Tools

  • Cultivator
  • Bronze pickaxe
  • Iron pickaxe

Core Wood Structures

  • Bonfire
  • Log beam 2m
  • Log beam 4m
  • Log pole 2m
  • Log pole 4m
  • Sharp stakes

Additionally, Core Wood can be placed in a Charcoal Kiln to create Coal which is used for smelting ores in a Smelter.

It is best to use normal wood as it is easier to find whereas Core Wood requires you to travel to the Black Forest or plant nearby trees to farm.


Core Wood spawn locations are only placed when creating a new world, afterwards you will need to plant them as you continue to cut down trees.

Any Black Forest is considered a Core Wood location but not all trees present are Pine Trees, so you must make sure you target the right tree or else you may end up with normal wood.

It is ideal to have a good stock of Core Wood for later on as you will need it for crafting different Core Wood recipes for tools, weapons and structures.

Similar to normal wood, a Core Wood stack holds up to 50 pieces and can be efficiently stored in large amounts for later use.

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