Valheim: How To Stack Chests

Valheim chests

Storage capacity can be pretty limited in Valheim, and to make use of chest stacking, you can save up on space and allow more room for your home.

Some users prefer to chest organizing when it comes to their resources or valuable items, and to keep most of your things arranged, it is necessary to have a lot of chests.

You can arrange your chests however you want to, but, in the end, if you want to save up on space and keep a designated area for your storage, you will need to resort to stacking chests.

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Why Should Stack Chests?

Stacking chests are a great way to save space when you build your home, making things more comfortable for players.

It is much easier to access your items when they are all in one area instead of running back and forth inside your home.

This will make it much easier for you to find your things, organize your items and keep everything neat and tidy.

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Stacking Chests

As you may already know, there is a collision system in Valheim that prevents a few items from intersecting with each other.

Whenever you can place down a chest, it will be highlighted with green, but  you cannot place anything down if there is no support.

It has also been made to not build a chest on top of another, but there is a workaround for it.

To stack chest, simply place down your first chests and afterward, a set of Wood Floor 1×1 above them, which will allow you to build chests on the.

It is okay to use Wood Floor 2×2, but this can take up more space, making it look less soothing for players.

To put it basically, you simply build a Wood Floor 1×1 exactly above the chest, so you have a platform to build another chest on.

Chest Positions

At first, you would probably place chests facing towards yourself, but eventually, you may notice that putting them down side by side can save up more space.

Stacking chests side by side instead of facing outwards will allow you to place 2 chests where you previously would place one.

This can make a suitable means of storage for a smaller home or when you want a more accessible storage area in your base.


Being able to stack chests makes it easy to transfer your items in your home as you don’t have to keep running everywhere for storage.

Instead of building a lot of chests and trying to fit them in, you can use chest stacking techniques to make your base comfier.

Chests will not be damaged or have issues with an opening if they are stacked together and will simply function as they usually would.

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