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One of the worst times for you to be in a fight would be when your gear is broken and this is because a weapon without durability can no longer be used and armor may break as well.

To make sure that you survive in Valheim, you will need to make sure that your armor and weapons are always in top condition.

This is why it is necessary to always repair your weapons when you come back from exploring and farming.

How To Repair Items In Valheim?

In Valheim, you can easily repair your items by going to the particular crafting station where you crafted them which has an option to repair.

You can’t select which item you precisely want to repair but there is no cost and you can simply spam the repair button until all of your items are at full durability.

You should make it a habit to always repair your items when you get back from an adventure as you may forget to do this before you leave for a new one.

Item Durability

Eventually, all items need to be repaired, mainly your armor and your weapons as these are your most used items.

Armor loses durability when you are hit, but the damage dealt is negated although you need to repair your armor, or else you could end up not noticing it losing all its durability and you may take a heap of damage.

Weapons will lose their durability the more they are used and this is most common when using your main weapon for fighting just as it is when using a pickaxe or an axe to farm resources.

Crafting StationsVALIRG002-2

There are certain weapons or armor that you can make which may be in different crafting stations such as a Workbench or Forge.

Whatever crafting station you used in crafting the equipment you need to repair will be what you will need to use later on when repairing it.

It is a good idea to keep your crafting stations in one place so you can easily repair all of your items on a single base.

Repair Costs

You repair your items whenever you want to as long as you have the proper crafting station to bring them to.

As of now, there are no costs when it comes to repairing your items, which is most convenient for players right now.

Bringing Extra Equipment

Usually, when you leave to either explore or go farm, it is a good idea to bring an extra weapon or an extra tool.

This comes in handy when your main items run out of durability and you can use your spare as a last resort so that you are not weaponless.

When you are out mining, it is a good idea to bring a spare pickaxe just in case the first one you are using breaks.


The durability of your items can go down faster than you know it, and this includes your armor, weapons, and shields which you may use to block.

The more you use an item, the more its durability goes down and this includes accidentally hitting objects such as trees or stones.

It is important that you frequently repair your items before heading out again because being unprepared can result in the death of your character.

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