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Health is pretty much an understandable part of any game, you lose all of it and your character is dead, plain and simple.

Valheim has a slightly different survival system which instead of killing off your player when they are hungry, makes them weak.

To last longer, you will need to make sure that your health is well maintained and this involves eat food.

Health System

In Vailheim, your health depends on the food that you eat which makes it necessary for you to farm different kinds of food to sustain your character’s health.

Whenever your character consumes food, they will receive a buff that will temporarily increase health and stamina as well as gain health regeneration.

The increase is based on what kind of food your character eats which can be seen when looking at the details of the item.

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As we mentioned, you need to eat a lot of food from time to time as the buffs only last for a certain period before you go hungry again.

Eating different varieties will not only give you a boost in health and stamina but each food also gives your character health regeneration.

Regeneration may vary and all of the food buffs that you have will stack, which means the better the food, the more health you get and the better you regenerate it.

Food Combinations

Some of the best combinations of food will allow your character to progress well in the game as they will have a better chance of surviving.

It is best to use the food you have wisely until you have a good supply and to make the most of your food at certain times is to choose the right combinations.

The following are some of the best food combinations in Valheim:

  • Different Variants of Berries or Vegetables – A good start for newer players, there are a lot of berries that can be foraged which you can eat during the early game.
  • Cooked Meat, Neck Tail, and Berries – Eventually you will start to farm meat from boars, deer, and neck tails from Necks, which you may cook and eat with berries for a good boost.
  • Cooked Meat, Neck Tail, and Sausage – Similar to the previous set of food, you replace berries with Sausages for a larger boost in health and regeneration.
  • Cooked Meat, Sausage, and Turnip Stew – Later on as you progress further, you will be able to collect resources for Turnip Stew and Sausages from the same area (swamp) which you can rely on as a good source of health.
  • Blood Pudding, Serpent Stew, and Lox Meat Pie – This may not be the easiest set of food to obtain but once you do have them, you can expect a huge boost in your health.

Health Potion

Later on, in the game, as you progress, you will be able to build a fermenter that allows you to craft different kinds of potions, referred to as mead.

There are currently two healing meads that can be made, minor healing mead and medium healing mead, which both become useful later on in the game.

To unlock the fermenter, you will need to first create a forge which is unlocked once you obtain copper, refined copper ore.

Rested Bonus

The Rested Bonus is a buff that you gain whenever your character takes a quick break and stays within their shelter.

This provides them with bonus health and stamina regeneration which also stacks with the regeneration provided by food.

If you have already built your shelter, you will be able to benefit from the rested bonus, which depends on your comfort.

You can build different kinds of furniture and other miscellaneous items to put in your shelter, which will increase comfort and extend the duration of the Rested buff.


To increase the chance of your survivability, you should always maintain your health with food buffs.

It is a good idea to stock up on food and cultivate it as soon as you can to provide yourself with a good supply of food.

Hunting, foraging, and farming are important for your character’s survival in Valheim and once you have a good supply of food, your character will maintain a decent amount of health.

The fastest way to heal in Valheim is to always have three different food buffs and have an active rested bonus, which can make you almost unkillable at times.

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