Valheim: Stone Farming Guide


One of the first resources you will get in Valheim is Stone and you will be able to get it along with wood within the first hour of playing the game.

Stone is necessary for a lot of items, upgrades as well as buildings because eventually, you will upgrade your wooden base into a sturdier one made out of stone.

In order to farm Stone in Valheim, you will need to first figure out the best ways to get them which is to eventually get a pickaxe so you don’t have to run around searching for rocks to pick up.

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How to Farm Stone?VALSFG014-2

There are pretty much a lot of ways that you can get stone in Valheim but at first, you will have no pickaxe and will have to resort to slower ways.

Picking Up Stone

You can find Stone almost anywhere and it will appear as a round dark rock lying on the ground which you can pick up.

Picking up a Stone will first make it pop off of the ground and it will be collected once you are in close range of it.

You can run around grabbing Stones as you make your way to one location but this is not efficient for the late game and should only be done when you first start to make your basic items.

Mining Stone with Pickaxe

When it comes to a later time in Valheim, you will be needing a lot of stone for building as well as other needs in the game.

You get your first pickaxe after defeating Eikthyr, the first boss who drops Hard Antler when it is killed, which you will use to make an Antler Pickaxe.

Once you have a pickaxe, you can start mining the large boulders, rocks, tombstones, and other rock objects that you come across.

Hitting the ground with your pickaxe will destroy it and eventually there will be a limit on how many blocks you can go down, and each hit afterward will not destroy the ground but will continue dropping stone.

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Mining Metal

Metal does not only drop when you harvest from nodes that you can find such as the Copper Deposit, Stone can drop as well.

As you farm certain metal deposits such as the Copper one, you can get a lot of Stone, which some players usually toss away.

You can come back to grab the Stones that you left behind later on in the game when you need them since most items on the ground do not despawn.

Salvaging PrefabsVALSFG014-3

A smart way to get stone, especially early on in the game would be to destroy prefab stone buildings, which you can find mostly in the Black Forest.

You can use a weapon such as a Flint Axe to start hitting the walls of the structure until all sides have been destroyed, causing the rest of the building to collapse and drop a lot of stone.

This is also a good way to level up your weapon skills during an earlier time playing Valheim and can be helpful in the long run.

If you happen to have unlocked the Stonecutter, you can place it down along with a Workbench and simply demolish parts of the building, returning what resources are used to craft the stone blocks. 


Most players do not realize how important Stone is in Valheim until they reach the point where they need to upgrade their base and craft upgrades.

While wood works fine for a base, eventually a base made out of Stone is the best choice as it will provide good protection and it is pretty much stronger support for the building itself.

The best way to farm Stone would be to use a pickaxe on a lot of rocks that you find and bringing a Cart to carry them would be very useful as well.

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