Credit Farming in Warframe 2023 Guide

In Warframe, Credits is a common currency which is used for buying blueprints, equipment or items from the market, crafting equipment in the foundry and for mod fusion or transmutation and more.

Credits are obtained in many ways such as loot from enemies, rewards from missions, selling unwanted items and other actions.

Whether you’re new to Warframe or you just need to figure out the best way to farm credits, you’re in the right place as this guide will show you how to farm credits and where to farm credits.

Dark Sector Missions

(Collage of different Dark Sector missions)CFGD-2

Dark Sectors were originally uninhabited parts of planets in starchart and eventually have been taken over by the Infested.

All Dark Sectors missions will have Infested enemies and the rewards for these mission include a large amount of credits after finishing the first rotation.

To determine if a mission is a Dark Sector mission, you may see the dark sector icon along with the mission details similar to the image above.

Certain Dark Sector missions will benefit you with bonus experience when killing enemies with a specific types of weapons such as rifles, shotguns, pistols and melee.

Aside from the bonus experience from the weapons used, the Dark Sector will also give an additional amount of bonus experience.

While undergoing a Dark Sector mission, there is a bonus drop chance depending on which mission you are on which can be helpful when farming.

Best Dark Sector Missions For Farming Credits

(Edited image to show Seimeni and Gabii)CFGD-3

Seimeni and Gabii missions on Ceres are the best place to farm credits in Warframe for anyone that knows how to farm credits as these do not only reward a large amount of credits but they are also easy to finish.


(Gabii mission on Ceres)CFGD-4

Seimeni is a defense mission on Ceres with enemies around level 15-25.

During this Defense mission, players will have an additional 35% drop rate boost which give a good chance to get more resources.

Players will have 26% bonus experience from the mission and will gain 21% more from killing enemies with melee weapons.

(Saryn Prime in Seimeni mission)CFGD-5

During the defense mission you are tasked to safeguard a target which will be attacked by the Infested.

You will be going against 5 waves of enemies before you can exit the mission and the quicker you finish the mission, the faster you get the credits.

Infested enemies will be weak against Slash, Heat and Gas damage mostly and this can be used to an advantage.

After 5 waves you may extract and repeat the mission.

This is the fastest way to get credits since the enemies are easy to kill and the map is small.

(Seimeni mission results)CFGD-6

Upon finishing 5 waves in Seimeni, you will be rewarded an extra 20,000 credits in addition to whatever you have collected during the mission.


(Gabii mission on Ceres)CFGD-7

Gabii is a survival mission on Ceres with enemy levels ranging from 15-25.

Just like in Seimeni, there is also a 35% boost to resource drop rate on this mission.

Experience will also be added by 26% from any kill along with an extra 21% for melee kills.

(Nekros in Gabii mission)CFGD-8

During the mission all you have to do is survive for 5 minutes by either camping in one spot or roaming the map.

When low on life support just activate the life support capsules located on your map and shown by the indicators.

Slash weapons are very effective against the infested as well as Heat and Gas elements.

Once the 5 minutes is up, just extract and repeat.

I consider this the easiest way to farm credits because regardless of what you do in the mission, as long as you survive the 5 minutes then you get the credits as a reward.

This may yield more than Seimeniat some point due to the amount of loot you can get but you are stuck with waiting 5 minutes per mission before extracting.

(Gabii mission results)CFGD-9

When you finish farming on Gabii, you are guaranteed to have an additional 20,000 credits added to your item rewards.

The IndexCFGD-11

Check out the detailed guide about farming credits through the index by visiting this link

Other Ways to Earn Credits


Aside from the main ways to farm, if you are looking to make more credits and want to find other way on how to get credits there are a few other things you can do.



Aside from the loot you receive in the mission, each mission finished for the first time doing sorties will reward you with a 20,000 for the first mission, 30,000 for the second mission and 50,000 for the third.

Doing sorties may be hard for some to do alone and going with a squad can be a huge help for them.

Sorties also give a random reward from the reward pool when all missions are finished.

Selling Mods


As you may notice if you have been forming for some time, you might have acquired a vast number of mods and most of them will be duplicates of ones that you have.

You are allowed to either sell mods for credits or sell them for endo, whichever you need most.

This is a great backup way to get credits if you really need them.

Selling Items from Inventory


You have the freedom to sell many of your items in your inventory for credits and once you have a lot of a certain part you might need only once like a blueprint or a Warframe part, you may sell them in bulk for credits.


Farming credits is not that hard as long as you know what are the best ways to farm credits and how to farm them efficiently.

It is great to have a stock of credits as you might need them for fusing or transmuting mods, buying things from the market or trading with other players as tax and much more.

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