Warframe Credit Farming 2024 Guide (From Index, Railjack & Dark Sector)

Warframe involves a lot of purchasing and crafting, which makes it important that you have a lot of Credits as you progress through the game.

Credits are a type of currency in the game that is used for purchasing blueprints, items, upgrading mods, crafting, and more and it is best if you know how to get a lot quickly.

Luckily, here are several ways for you to farm Credits and this includes methods for both new and experienced players.

Credits in Warframe

How To Get Credits in Warframe?

Credits are obtained as you play the game and you can get your hands on a lot by doing missions, killing enemies, obtaining rewards from rotations, and more.

Completing certain missions can provide you with several Credits and this depends on what type you play as there are different game modes.

While there are multiple ways to get Credits, you will find that some methods are much easier and more efficient based on your progress.

Following are the Best Ways to Farm Credits

1) Complete Dark Sector Missions (Good for beginners)

Doing Dark Sector Mission (Gabii) to farm credits in the game

Planets will often have Dark Sector missions, which means that the area has been overrun by the Infested, making them the main enemy of the mission regardless of the planet.

Each of the Dark Sectors will have its bonus, which can range from bonus damage, bonus affinity, and of course extra credits.

The following are the Dark Sector Missions across the system:


Mission LevelGame ModeCredit RewardsBonus CreditsResource Drop ChanceAffinity

Weapon Modifier


6-16Defense1,50012,00015%12%Melee (8%)

Melee (8%)


8-18Defense1,70010,00010%10%Rifles (5%)

Rifles (5%)


10-20Survival1,90014,00020%15%Pistols (10%)

Pistols (10%)


15-25Survival2,40016,00025%18%Rifles (13%)

Melee (21%)


15-25Defense2,40020,00035%26%Melee (21%)

Melee (13%)


20-30Survival2,90014,00020%15%Shotguns (10%)

Melee (10%)


23-33Defense3,20016,00025%18%Pistols (12%)

Melee (12%)


25-35Survival3,40016,00025%18%Melee (13%)

Rifles (10%)


26-36Survival3,50014,00020%15%Shotguns (10%)

Pistols (13%)


30-40Defection3,90018,00030%23%Shotguns (18%)

Rifles (18%)


35-45Survival4,40018,00030%23%Pistols (18%)

Rifles (13%)


35-45Defense4,40018,00030%23%Melee (18%)

Rifles (25%)


35-45Defense4,40016,00025%18%Melee (13%)

Pistols (25%)

Amongst all the Dark Sectors, the best places to farm are Gabii and Seimeni as these provide a high number of Credits, Affinity, and Resource Drop Chance bonuses.

This is also because the level of the enemies is much lower than other Dark Sectors, making them a good choice for new players.

Doing the first rotation of Dark Sectors is all it needs to obtain the bonus Credits and players will tend to extract and repeat until they have enough.

Fighting with the enemies repeatedly to farm enough credits

Dark Sectors will always be a specific game type, and these will be modes with rotations, which allow you to continue or extract after completing the objectives.

After completing one rotation, you will receive the Credits rewards for the mission and can extract to repeat the mission to get more.

Most missions can easily be completed, and these are often the Defense or Survival missions depending on what is easier for you.

2) The Index (Good for Intermediate Players)

Doing The Index: Endurance mission to farm credits

Once you have reached Neptune, you will be able to unlock The Index: Endurance but this is also encountered during a quest called The Glast Gambit.

The Index has a slightly different theme from most of the missions you will be doing and offers you the chance to place a bet that will determine your reward when you win.

Playing this mission will put you in an arena where you need to defeat enemies and take their Index Points to cash in at a marked location on the map.

Killing Corpus enemies who drops the index points

Once the match begins, you and 3 other members (filled with bots if slots are free) will need to hunt down Corpus enemies. (They hunt you too)

Killing an enemy will cause them to drop Index Points, which can be collected and will need to be deposited at the marked locations.

The more Index Points you hold, the bigger the bonus you get but carrying a lot will reduce your health and shields, making it risky.

The Index (Investment)
The Index requires a wager, also known as an “Investment” and this will be paid by all the players to enter the match.

Members who do not have sufficient credits will be left behind, so we suggest making sure you have enough credits before attempting this.

These matches can usually last from 3 to 5 minutes for the first rotation and enemy difficulty will scale the longer you play.

Credits obtained from The Index: Endurance

After providing an initial investment, each round will allow you to obtain Credits without costing you the investment again, allowing you to generate a lot with continuous matches.

This can be difficult at times though and sometimes it’s best to end the game after 1 or 2 rounds if things begin to get too rough for your Warframe.

Credits obtained from The Index: Endurance will be added to your current amount once you have extracted from the mission.

3) Railjack Missions (Intermediate Players)

Doing Railjack mission to farm credits in Warframe

After progressing to The Second Dream quest, you will be able to do the Rising Tide quest, which later allows you to unlock your Railjack. (This must be built)

Playing missions will allow you to get a good number of Credits each time one is completed and the amount depends on the difficulty of the area.

The Veil Proxima is the hardest but with a good Railjack, you can easily complete missions that will reward you with up to 100,000 Credits.

Fighting with the enemies in the Railjack mission

Railjack missions will often have you completing a set of objectives which begin with destroying enemy ships and on more difficult proximas, completing a secondary objective.

You will be able to use your Railjack, Archwing, and Warframe during this mission and it is best if you have upgraded all of these to quickly grind these missions.

Credits and other rewards will be noticeable once you have returned to your Drydock as the mission summary sometimes gets bugged and doesn’t show them.

4) Profit-Taker Runs (Advanced/Experienced Players)

Fighting with the Profit-Taker to get 125,000 Credits

The Profit-Taker (Phase 4) is one of the toughest fights you will encounter when you are still progressing but later with the right Warframe and weapon builds, it becomes easy.

Defeating the Profit-Taker will reward you with 125,000 Credits and this can be increased/doubled with a Credit Booster, Smeeta Kavat, and even Chroma’s Effigy Ability.

Players can farm millions of Credits in an hour, especially if they have the boosts for the Credits but it is advisable to have a good build or play with other players.

the Profit-Taker protected by the Shield in the Orb Vallis

This boss fight begins with you heading into Orb Vallis to take on the Profit-Taker, which is protected by a shield that can only be destroyed by using certain damage types. (This alternates)

Once the shields have been taken out, you need to damage its parts with an Archgun and after dealing enough damage, this needs to be repeated.

Eventually, the Profit-Taker Orb will drop loot when defeated and this includes a reward of 125,000 Credits that you can check via the mission summary or when you go back to Fortuna.

Other Ways to Get Credits

There are other ways to get Credits in Warframe aside from the mentioned farming methods, which can range from completing dailies or selling extra items that you have collected.

1) Sorties

Doing Sorties to obtain credits

Aside from the loot you receive in the mission, each mission finished for the first time will reward you with 20,000 for the first mission, 30,000 for the second mission, and 50,000 for the third.

Doing Sorties with a squad or playing on public matchmaking can speed up completion, which is a good way for newer players to progress.

Sorties also give random rewards from the reward pool when all missions are finished, making them good for more than just getting Credits.

2) Selling Mods

Selling Mods in return for credits

As you progress through the game, you will be able to obtain a wide variety of mods and later these can end up being duplicates of ones that you already have.

There are two ideal options when it comes to getting rid of the duplicate mods that you have obtained, which are to either convert them into Endo or to sell them for Credits.

While most players will need Endo from time to time, others tend to sell the mods for Credits, and this can get you tons if you have a lot of spares in your storage.

3) Selling Items from Inventory

Selling Items from Inventory for credits

Aside from mods, there will be a lot of other items that you can get, and you can check these in your inventory now and then to see what you have collected over time.

You have the freedom to sell most of your items in your inventory for Credits and this can be a good way to get a good amount if you don’t need some of the items you have.

If you have a lot of spare items, you can select several of them after going into your inventory and may sell them in bulk for a large sum of Credits.

Boosting Credit Rewards

There are certain ways to boost the amount of Credits that you get, which are good to keep in mind if you plan to go on a Credit farming spree.

The following are ways to increase the number of Credits that you can get:

  • First Mission Rewards – Every day, you will receive twice the number of Credits as a reward for the first mission that you do.
  • Smeeta Kavat’s Charm The Smeeta Kavat’s Charm will often activate, which provides you with double the number of pickups, which includes Credits. (Even from Profit-Taker Orb)
  • Chroma’s Effigy – Provides you with a chance to get more Credits as it causes enemies to drop them on death and it also doubles the amount. (Works on Profit-Taker Orb)
  • Thermia Fracture Event – Orb Vallis will sometimes have an event where you need to seal Thermia Fractures and during this event, Credits and resource drops on Venus will be doubled.
  • Credit Boosters – Credit Boosters are one of the best ways for you to get a lot of Credits right away and these can be purchased using Platinum. (Stacks with other bonuses)

Credit Booster BonusPurchasing credit booster using Platinum

For an acceptable amount of Platinum, you can purchase a Credit Booster, and these come in 3 different variations, which are the following:

  • 3 Day Credit Booster (40 Platinum)
  • 7 Day Credit Booster (80 Platinum)
  • 30 Day Credit Booster (200 Platinum)

It is possible to also get Credit Boosters as a daily login reward and once you get these from Darvo, it is best to farm Credits when you can.

Credit Boosters will continuously run even if you do not log into the game, and it is best to purchase them if you plan on farming Credits or else it would be a waste to let them expire.


Farming credits is not that hard if you have been able to progress in the game as you will eventually be able to upgrade your Warframe and weapons by adding mods.

This makes it easier for you to complete different missions and once you are comfortable with grinding them, the Credits will roll in faster than ever.

It is great to have a stock of credits as you might need them for fusing or transmuting mods, buying things from the market, trading with other players as tax, and much more.

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