How to Earn Platinum in Warframe (2023)

Have you ever seen that specific item in the market that you wish you could buy? or needed that extra weapon or frame slot for something you just crafted but thought to yourself “I don’t have enough platinum for this” and wished there was a way you could get it for free instead?

Limbo Limina

Well as a matter of fact you can! Not only is Warframe free to play but it also allows you to earn platinum in more than one way so you can purchase all the things you need like Warframes and Weapons to increase your deadly arsenal, Boosts to make your playtime more productive and speed things up, cosmetics and accessories to make your Warframe more unique and much more!


As most of us know, you can purchase platinum with real world currency from their site to use ingame to make purchases from the market which has a wide variety of choices for the player to buy. The more platinum you purchase the more bonus you get.

Prime Access Warframe Bundle

Additionally, you can purchase Prime Access which gives you the latest Prime Warframes in a bundle along with exclusive items, discounted platinum and more. Once you purchase the prime access you immediately can have the product without having to wait or craft them.

Latest Prime Access Warframe Bundle

Getting Platinum for Free


Every now and then Warframe has contests that allow the participants to join and earn prizes such as a special prize for those that come in 1st place along with platinum and an amount of platinum for those that come after 1st place.

Moanimation Design Contest

Players can see these contests via ingame or the website. Contests may vary from making a design, sharing a picture, coming up with a new idea and much more. The contests are fun and creative and can really rewards players that win. 

Giveaways on Live Devstreams (Twitch)

Devstreams are live streams that Digital Extreme’s Warframe developers make mainly when they are introducing or showing what is to come with upcoming updates where they talk about the changes or new features that the game will have and show some gameplay for the players and fans to see.

During the Devstream there will be a certain time when the developers will begin a draw for the winner or winners of a certain prize which may vary from an item, platinum and more.

Devstream Live

To get a chance to win all you need to do is watch the live stream via twitch and when your name is called out or shows on the screen you simply need to message them which they will tell you how to do and then confirm it with them.


Players can trade items ingame with each other when they are at a dojo or at a Maroo’s Bazar. Some may trade items they have for items that the other player has depending on what they are looking for and what they would consider a fair trade but most of the time people trade for platinum.

Warframe Trading Items

Players may choose how much they would want to trade an item for and they can either negotiate or stick to the intended price. Many players determine the prices by checking online via auction or market sites for items sold ingame for platinum.

How to Earn Platinum By TradingHow to Earn Platinum by Trading

Basically players can earn platinum via trading with other players. All you need to do is trade an item that you have that they would like to pay for with platinum. If you have been playing for a while now you most likely acquired a variety of items that may be of interest to players.

Eventually over farming/grinding multiple times you will have come across different types of mods, prime parts and much more. Once you have used and crafted what you need you can keep in mind to save the rest for later on to sell to other players.

  Things Worth Selling

There are several items that can be sold for platinum to other players depending what they need and what is popular or in demand. Below is idea list of what can be sold for good chance to earn platinum. 

1) Prime Parts & Blueprints: Parts and blueprints used to create Prime variants of certain items obtained from Void Fissures. 

2) Mods: Also known as Modules, these are used to upgrade Warframes, weapons, companions, Archwings and K-Drives. 

3) Syndicate Items: Items available to redeem from Syndicates after having the required Rank and amount of affinity.

4) Rivens: Special mods that have multiple stats that can be used with a specific weapon. 

5) Miscellaneous: Resources and other blueprints such as fish, gems, Ayatan statues and more.

Prime Parts and Blueprints: Aside from the normal gear players may have, there are Prime variations. These items are considered to be made with Orokin technology giving them slightly better stats than their counterpart along with new looks. Most players consider these good for endgame use and tend to grind for them or buy them from other players.

1) Prime Parts and Blueprints 

Aside from the normal gear players may have, there are Prime variations. These items are considered to be made with Orokin technology giving them slightly better stats than their counterpart along with new looks. Most players consider these good for endgame use and tend to grind for them or buy them from other players.

Prime Parts Inventory

There are many kinds of Prime gear including Warframes, weapons, sentinels and Archwings. In order to craft these the player must possess the blueprint of the gear as well as the parts or blueprint of the parts. Selling Prime parts can be a good source of platinum earning but selling wholes sets can be extremely rewarding so it’s best to save up the whole set.

Acquiring Prime Parts and Blueprints

To acquire Prime parts or blueprints you need to do missions called Void Fissures which are missions that can allow you to unlock Relics that you equip before starting the mission. In order to open a Relic, players must collect reactant before the mission ends. Upon reaching the end of the mission you will be receive the item that was inside the relic or be able to choose one that a member of your squad has.

Void Fissures Mission

Enemies at higher levels will be stronger as they are Corrupted. Be sure to be prepared to face the enemies before you begin high level Void Fissures. Playing with a squad is recommended not only because it makes things easier but because when the mission is complete you can choose to keep your prime item or copy one of theirs thus allowing you a better chance to get rarer parts.


At the end of certain missions, players may receive Relics as a reward which are used to acquire Prime blueprints or parts. When planning to farm Prime parts or blueprints, one can replay a certain mission to acquire theRelics they want to use as each relic has its own list of items that it may contain.

Void Relic Refinement

Relics can be refined using Void Traces which are acquired from Void Fissures in order to increase the chance of the rarer item on their list to drop. This can make it easier to acquire an item that the player is aiming for.

Vaulted Gear/Relics

There comes a certain time when specific Prime gear become vaulted, meaning they are unable to be acquired and the only way to get them from then on is to purchase them from another player who is willing to sell the ones they have.

NEO R1 Relic

Mostly when items are vaulted, they start to increase in price when being sold by players due to supply and demand. It is practical farm a certain item before it gets vaulted to save for when its price raises which can be a useful investment later on when it becomes in demand. 

Farming Prime parts and blueprints

Once you have Relics ready to open check for fissure that are quick to finish so you can repeat them easily and make the most out of the Fissure as they will disappear after some time. Suggested missions would be Exterminate, Rescue or Excavation. Playing with a people is better to increase your choice for rewards at the end of the mission.

Void Fissures

Void Fissures will last for a certain amount of time then later on disappear. If you do not find any missions that you can complete fast, then you can either wait for another one or proceed with any of the missions. It is recommended to just do the missions that finish quickly to save time and allow you to do other things while waiting.

Choosing Rewards

After the end of the mission you and if you are in a squad, you will be able to choose to keep your reward or to obtain one of the rewards the players in your squad have. Choose a reward that you need or that you can profit off of selling.

Choosing Rewards

Rarity is determined by the color of the name of the item being either bronze, silver or gold whereas gold is the rarest and has a lower drop chance. Most of the time it is best to pick gold as it is harder to acquire and will sell for more in platinum.

Take note that it is wise to have knowledge about the price of some items to be sure you choose the right reward.

2) Mods

Some of the mods you acquire while playing can be sold to other players especially the rare ones that you get from rewards, low drop chance enemies, bought from Syndicates or the Void Trader.

Modding Actions

Mods have different rarities which are common, uncommon, rare, legendary and Riven. Another rarity was released known as Amalgam but is not tradable.

Most mods from uncommon to rare can be farmed on different missions depending the type of enemies that are there and the drops and drop rates of each one can be checked online at various sites. Certain mods are can be sold for more depending on popularity and demand so checking from time to time would be advised when planning on selling mods.

Corrupted Mods

These are mods that have dual stats whereas one is positive and one is negative. One stat gives an increase and another gives a decrease. These are used for crucial builds later on while playing.

Corrupted Mods

Corrupted mods are obtained by doing derelict missions and opening Orokin vaults using Dragon Keys. Players must find the vault first and have the proper key to open them meaning a squad of four with the members having a different key each would ensure a successful vault run.

There are many corrupted mods that have different stats and it would be best to check prices before trying to sell as some are in higher demand than others.

Vault Run

Players who want to obtain Corrupted mods need to do a vault run, basically doing a derelict mission(capture suggested) and finding the Orokin vault inside where they must use a key they have equipped before starting the mission to unlock the vault.

Vault Run

There are four different keys and the vault is always random so a group of four with different keys will be best.

Warframe Vault

Syndicate Mods

These mods are only available from syndicates and can be bought once you reach the required rank for them. Not all players can buy from all the syndicates since raising affinity in one syndicate can lower the affinity in another one thus people need to carefully plan out how they do syndicate related activity.

Cephalon Suda-Offerings

It would be wise to save up on your affinity with syndicates that way if someone is looking for a certain mod you can buy it then offer it to them. You may also store up popular mods then post them for sale on market/auction sites.

Raising Affinity for Syndicates

To raise affinity for syndicates you need to wear their Sigil which can be found in in the Regalia section in appearance when customizing your Warframe. Killing enemies while wearing the Sigil will convert a percentage into affinity for the syndicate represented by the Sigil you’re wearing.

SigilOnce you earn enough affinity you will be able to access special mission to do for the syndicates that earn you big amounts of affinity. Take note that earning in a certain syndicate will decrease affinity in other syndicates that they oppose. 

3) Syndicate ItemsSyndicate Items

Similar to the previously mentioned mods, there are items which you can purchase from the syndicates that are signature versions made by the syndicated that have bonus passive abilities and different stats. These may be sold to players for platinum.

Arbiters of Hexis-Offerings

Be sure to buy what you need from a syndicate once you have it maxed if you plan to increase affinity in another syndicate. Instead of trying to do so, you can instead trade for items from player that have other syndicates or sell your syndicate items for platinum. 

4) Rivens

These are very unique mods that can upgrade your weapons way beyond its former potential. Rivens can only be used on a certain weapon and have their own stats that can be rolled later on. Finding the base Riven for your weapon can be a challenge thus players tend to buy from other majority of the time.

Rivens Modding Actions

Depending on which weapon the Riven is for and what stats it has, you can decide what price to sell them for.

Rivens Mod Stats

To get Rivens you need to do sorties which do not have a high chance to give Rivens, making them even harder to obtain. Depending on what riven you have and its stats they can earn you an excessive amount of platinum if sold to other players.

Defeat General Sarags Ruk's Forces

Selling Rivens

You may sell your Rivens by offering them to people in the trade chat box or posting your Rivens in an auction/market site such as RivenMarket(dot)com. At sites like these you may also check for prices of Rivens similar to yours to get an idea on what you can range your price too.

Selling Rivens

5) Miscellaneous

Other miscellaneous items may be sold as well such as certain resources, other weapon parts and blueprints, Ayatan statues and more. These may not be the best source of platinum but still can be sold for a little bit of platinum.

Miscellaneous Inventory

Checking trade chat for people looking to buy certain item can help you find people that can buy your goods or you can post them on auction/market sites.


Once you want to sell items that you have, you need to find a buyer or let a buyer find you. There are two options. You can either type in Trade Chat or you can post what you want to sell on a market/auction website such as Warframe(dot)Market

 Trade Chat

In the chat box all you need to do is type that you want to sell, what you want to sell and for how much. Usually you can just shorten the words and say a line like: “WTS (item name) (price)” for example “WTS Volt Prime Set = 300P” or similar.

Trade Chat

Messaging in Trade Chat has a cooldown so if you plan on selling multiple objects be sure to include them in the same message. Once you have sent your message players will be able to read it and eventually someone will contact you to either buy or negotiate from then on it is up to you.

Trade/Auction Site

            For trading we suggest using Warframe Market due to its user friendly set up as well as it popularity along with it being updated. You sign up and login via steam and continue from then on. This allows you to search, post buy and sell offers and check for the latest prices among the community.

Warframe Market Auction Site

Once you open the site you can see a list of people and the items they want to sell or purchase. You have an option as well to search for an item that you are looking to either buy or sell as well. This can be useful in checking for the latest prices among the community.

If you see a player that you want to deal with you may message them on the market site OrinGame either via pm or pressing the copy next to their name from the site and pasting it in your chat box. Once he responds and agrees proceed with the trade.

Trading with a Player Through Message

Posting Offer

To post an offer search for the item you would like to sell and select it. You can then see the prices people are selling it for and decide how much you would like to sell you’re for as well.

Posting Offers on Warframe Market

Determine Price

Once you see the list of how much an item is sold for you can decide what price you would like to sell it for and post your offer by clicking “place order”.

Price Determine on Warframe Market

Posting Offer/Placing Order

Type in your price and how many of the items/sets you are willing to sell then click post.

Posting-Placing Order on Warframe Market


Once you contact your buyer and both agree on the price you can invite them or have them invite you to a dojo or head to a trading relay to conduct the trade.

Communicating for Dealing

Commencing Trade

Once you are in the same location, either wait for the other person to invite you to a trade session or you can invite him yourself.Commencing Trading

Double Check

Be sure to double check everything before accepting the trade. When everything is in order complete the trade.

Double Check the trading


That’s basically all there is to it. After trading you can leave and find another buyer to sell something to or continue with missionsTrading Completed in Warframe



If you plan on selling prime parts/blueprints you can save up relics from missions, then use them all when an easy fissure appears that way you can open more in little time then proceed to selling.


When planning on selling mods try to hunt for the rare ones that drop with low chance and if available offer to sell those from the vendor if someone is looking for one.


Some players can’t acquire from a certain syndicate which will allow you to offer them what they need. Keeping a stock of affinity in a syndicate can also be useful for when you find a buyer, all you need to do is get the item form the syndicate and trade.


Be sure to check for prices on sites like Raven Market to check and have an idea on prices and determine the price depending on the stats.


When you have plenty of extra resources or items and your about to call it a day, sell things you don’t need as every platinum counts.

For all items except Rivens we advise going to Warframe Market to buy, sell and check for prices of the items you need to buy/sell.

Thanks for reading! Good luck earning those plats and enjoy spending them as well. Always remember to check for prices and double check during your trades to make sure you don’t have any incorrect transactions!

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