Endo Farm 2024 (Rathuum & Activities That Provide Endo Rewards): Warframe

Endo is a special type of resource used to upgrade Mods via fusion and comes in small quantities most of the time.

The more you upgrade your mods, the more Endo you will need, and it is necessary to have an abundant amount of Endo to upgrade all the mods you need.

Endo is vital to having good and strong builds as you need maxed mods to make the most out of them.

Aside from being a reward from rotations on different missions there are a lot of other ways to farm Endo.

Knowing how to farm Endo will be essential for later when you need to upgrade a large quantity of your mods.

EF-1“Consumed in the fusion process to power up existing Mods”

How To Get Endo?

Endo can be dropped by enemies when they are killed and this only happens by a certain chance, making it necessary to kill as many enemies as possible to get it.

Aside from killing enemies, there are certain missions that reward you with Endo for completing rotations. (Sorties may also reward Endo)

If you have a lot of spare Mods, you can get rid of the duplicates by accessing your Mods Menu and dissolving them. (This converts them into Endo)

Additionally, you can bring Ayatan Treasures to Maroo at Maroo’s Bazaar and have her extract Endo from them, which removes the treasure in the process.

Popular Activities That Provide Endo Rewards

1) Rathuum (Sedna)

Rathuum missions allow you to go against Grineer enemies and upon defeating them, you have a good chance to get Endo.

Enemies in the Rathuum will not always drop Endo but with Farming Warframes such as Nekros, you can increase your chances to get more.

2) Archon Hunts

While these may be challenging, it is possible to get 8,000 Endo as a reward for completing an Archon Hunt and these are best done with a squad.

While you can only get rewards for an Archon Hunt once, the chance to get Endo is still something that makes it worth doing them.

3) The Circuit

Duviri introduced a game mode called The Circuit, which has a chance to provide large amounts of Endo depending on what tier you are on.

Each tier of The Circuit has a chance to provide you with Endo, which makes it a good option for players who can complete them quickly.

4) Bounties

Bounties have a good chance to provide you with Endo and one of the best sources are from Zariman Bounties as they can reward you with 2,000 Endo.

You can go to several locations to get bounties, and these include Cetus on Earth, Fortuna on Venus, Necralisk on Deimos and in the Zariman.

5) Arbitrations

Doing Arbitrations can sometimes be challenging but there is a good chance for you to get Endo as a reward for completing rotations.

Having a Warframe and weapons that are well-modded can increase your chances of lasting longer in Arbitrations to get more rewards.

Best Ways To Get Endo

1) Ayatan Treasures


Ayatan Treasures are elegant objects that can be found on different missions at random places and by a small chance.

These can be used as decorations or just kept in a collection, however there is another thing you can do with Ayatan Treasures.

You can sell the treasures for Endo at Maroo’s Bazaar which can be found on Mars.

2) Selling Mods


If you find yourself with a bunch of extra mods that you do not need, you can also trade these for Endo.

Farming will usually result with you having a collection of hundreds of spare mods and this can be a great backup source for Endo when you really need it.

3) Bounty Rewards


Bounties have a chance to reward Endo which comes at random from the reward table the mission has.

Relying on bounties is not the best way to farm Endo and should not be practiced in means of trying to obtain a large amount of it.

Rathuum Endo Farming

Rathuum Missions

Sedna has three Arena missions which are Nakki, Yam and Vodyanoi and each of these have a good chance to get you Endo.

These missions pit the player and their squad (if they are with a squad) against Grineer enemies as they battle in a gladiator type arena.

The first team to get 25 kills will be the winner and upon winning, the players will acquire Judgement Points.

Getting Judgement Points

Each of the Rathuum Arenas will provide you with Judgement Points, which are required to progress and start missions that are more difficult.

Completing the following missions provide you with Judgement Points:

  • Nakki (10 Points)
  • Yam (15 Points)
  • Vodyanoi (25 Points)

Vodyanoi is considered the best mission to get Judgement Points and is a popular choice for players who want to farm Endo.

Rathuum Endo Farm Technique

A Nekros may use Desecrate to force enemy bodies to drop loot while Nidus can be used to pull enemies together for an easy kill.

Nidus may cast his Larva ability (best if he is modded for range) to pull enemies while Nekros will have Desecrate active.

With a full squad, you can easily get 25 kills, and everyone will be able to benefit as they can all pick up Endo from the defeated enemies.

In less than 3 minutes you and your Warframe can end up with around 400 to 1000 or more Endo in a single run.


Endo is an important resource and is necessary for making your mods stronger to overall increase the potential of your Warframes and weapons.

Having a good stock of Endo is good for later in the game when you need to make those upgrades after getting certain mods, including Rivens.

For a more detailed guide on how to farm resources, check here to see the different ways to farm as well as a guide on what can be used to farm efficiently.

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