Argon Crystal Farming 2023 Guide


“A Void based radioactive resource that decays every day it is out of the void”

Argon Crystal

These crystals from the void are somewhat hard to come by. And, if you know how to farm Argon Crystal, then you must know you should only farm them when needed.

Argon Crystal is a tricky resource for some people, since they can’t seem to always get a good drop chance on it.

These crystals are needed for a lot of Weapons and Warframes as well as a key resource for making Greater Lenses.

Take note that Argon Crystals decay after 24 hours. So, you should only farm the amount you need only when you need it.

Where to Farm Argon Crystal?

The best place to farm Argon Crystals is in the Void since this was considered the only place to obtain them from before. Nowadays players have other ways to farm Argon Crystals, such as doing Isolation Vaults in Deimos.

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1) Ani Void


Ani is the lowest survival mission that can be done in the Void, making it easier for players to handle the enemies and giving them the chance to stay longer to kill enemies in order to get Argon Crystal drops.

Not only will you get Argon Crystals, but you will also obtain other resources that may provide useful in the future.

This is considered one of the best Argon Crystal farm locations as you may get drops from killing enemies as well as from looting containers.

Argon Crystals will drop when you destroy Argon Pegmatites which can be found when wandering around the map.

It is important to remember that this is a map in the Void and enemies may be quite strong for newer players, making it easier to be in a group along with the fact that more players will spawn more enemies.

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2) Ukko (Void)

Those who prefer a quicker run may resort to the Ukko capture mission which is also located in the Void and can be completed within a minute or two.

Since Ukko is a capture mission, players may simply complete the objective and begin roaming the area to kill enemies or destroy loot containers.

This can be considered an easy way to get Argon Crystals, especially when players use Warframes that can clear an area quickly and move around the map fast to sweep the areas.

While this is not only considered one of the best ways to farm Argon Crystals, Ukko is also great for farming relics that players may use to farm prime equipment.

3) Oxomoco (Void)


Those who prefer to do more killing than looting may settle for Oxomoco, an exterminate mission located in the Void.

A simple run puts you against multiple enemies that you will need to kill which may likely end up with you getting an Argon Crystal or two to drop from the enemies.

While doing the exterminate mission, players may roam around in order to look for loot containers to open for more chances of obtaining Argon Crystals.

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  • The Void is the main location when it comes to Argon Crystals, but it is still possible to obtain them in Deimos by doing Isolation Vault Bounties and getting the loot from unlocking the vaults.
  • Argon Crystal will expire over time (about 24 hours after obtaining them) and it is wise to farm them last and only when you are about to craft an item, otherwise they may expire, and your efforts may be wasted.
  • Argon Crystal drop rates are quite low, but players may be lucky at times, especially when there are Warframes such as Nekros or Hydroid in the squad for extra loot.
  • You can check the expiry time of your Argon Crystals by viewing them in your inventory to figure out how long you have left before losing them.


Argon Crystals are rare resources that are sometimes difficult to come by, but these can be easily farmed when more players join in a survival mission in the Void.

Players usually need these for crafting certain equipment and should aim to farm these last to make sure that they do not go to waste.

There is an Argon Crystal Decoration that is purchasable for 5 Platinum and a Argon Pegmatite Decoration which may be purchased for 20 Platinum but these are not usable resources and are only meant for display.

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