Argon Crystal Farm 2024 (Best Locations & Missions): Warframe

Argon Crystals are rare resources that can be obtained when players venture to the Void, which is valued for its uses in crafting.

While this resource is rare and important, farming it is only done when needed since it tends to disappear from your inventory after a while.

Obtaining Argon Crystals may take a bit more effort than most resources and is tedious for newer players who are unable to handle the dangers of the Void.

ACF-1“A Void based radioactive resource that decays every day it is out of the void”

How To Get Argon Crystal?

Argon Crystals are obtainable by defeating enemies, opening, and destroying containers, and breaking Argon Pegmatite Nodes when you are on missions in the Void.

These can be resources for some people to come by since they can’t seem to always get a good drop chance on it but with the right Warframe and some exploring, you are bound to find some.

Take note that Argon Crystals decay after 24 hours, which makes it necessary to farm them only when you plan on using them right away.

Argon Crystal Locations

The only place where you can get Argon Crystals is in the Void since they only exist in the said location but once they have been taken, they will eventually decay.

While you are on a mission in the Void, you will stumble upon lockers that can be opened, containers that can be destroyed that have a chance to drop Argon Crystal.

Killing enemies will also provide you with a chance to get Argon Crystals and use a farming Warframe such as Nekros, Hydroid, or Khora.

Finding an Argon Pegmatite may be a rare occurrence in some missions but eventually, if you explore and check for loot on your map, you will stumble upon these nodes.

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Best Missions to do to Farm Argon Crystal

1) Ani Void


Ani is the lowest survival mission that can be done in the Void, making it easier for players to handle the enemies when they farm for Argon Crystal drops.

This is considered one of the best Argon Crystal farm locations as the enemies have a lower level than those in the other missions.

Since Ani is on a survival mission, you will have as much time as you need to explore the map if you maintain your Life Support.

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2) Ukko (Void)

Ukko is a capture mission in the Void that remains a good choice for farming Argon Crystals since you can explore after completing the objective.

While you won’t be running into that many enemies, you will be able to roam the map and destroy containers, including Argon Pegmatite nodes that drop Argon Crystal.

Even if Ukko is best for those who search for containers, you still have a rare chance to get Argon Crystals when you kill enemies in the mission.

3) Oxomoco (Void)


Like Ukko for the opportunity to explore the mission after you have completed your objective but players can be more relaxed once this has happened.

This is because you will be able to roam around much safer once most of the enemies are killed and won’t run into that much.

For those who plan to search the map instead of going head-to-head with countless enemies, Oxomoco is a good place to search for Argon Crystals.

4) MOT (Void) 

MOT is like Ani but with the added change of having enemies with higher levels and the appearance of Corrupted Vor during the mission.

Players tend to get a lot of Affinity during this mission as well as resources, but this will require that you are equipped for the challenge.

Argon Crystal is bound to drop during this survival mission but staying for an extended period can result in the mission becoming too difficult. (You can always extract though)

Argon Crystal Decay

Argon Crystals that you obtain will have a 24-hour timer that counts down once you have returned from a mission in the Void.

Once the 24 hours are up, the Argon Crystal will expire, meaning that it will disappear from your inventory after the hours have passed.


Argon Crystals should be the last resource you should collect when you are planning on crafting something in your foundry.

This is because time will lapse as you are farming other resources, which will just make the timer continuously run.

While this resource is not required in large quantities, getting your hands on a few of them may require more grinding in the Void.

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