Neurodes Farm 2024 (Best Locations & Missions): Warframe

Neurodes are one of the rare resources that can be found on some of the planets in the system, which are required to craft certain items.

This resource is rare, and its drop rate is usually low for a resource that is highly needed to make things a bit more tedious, it drops in small amounts.

Although it may seem that this resource may be hard to farm, there are certain ways for you to get a good amount of it in a small amount of time.

NF-1“Biotech sensor organ harvested from Infestid entities”

How To Get Neurodes?

Neurodes can be found on certain planets and once you do missions on them, you can get this resource by killing enemies, destroying loot containers, or opening Storage Lockers.

Finding a Neuroptic Mass may be a bit rare in missions but destroying this will provide you with guaranteed Neurodes.

A good way to get Neurodes would be to roam a mission and kill enemies while you’re at it since it’s best to search everywhere for the Neuroptic Masses in them.

Where to Farm Neurodes?

There are four locations where you can go to get your hands on Neurodes, which are the Earth, Eris, Lua, and Deimos.

Neurodes drops can occur on these planets, but they are not so easy to come by, which makes grinding necessary for some missions.

Earth and Lua appear to be the easiest ways to get Neurodes but Deimos and Eris are still good alternatives depending on what you are after.

Best Neurodes Farm Missions

1) Mantle (Earth)


Mantle appears to be one of the best ways to get Neurodes early game since the map can easily be cleared and you may search for Neuroptic Mass afterward.

Players may usually find Neuroptic Mass when doing missions on Earth and Mantle offers a good chance to get them as you fight your way through enemies.

Bringing a Warframe that can easily complete the mission ideal for Mantle and afterward, you can check on the loot shown on your map to see if any Neuroptic Mass is lying around.

2) Plato (Lua)


There are two methods on how to get Neurodes in Plato since the map may have Neuroptic Masses lying around and eventually, you will encounter Sentient Scouts.

Engaging the Sentient Scouts or being detected by them will cause Sentients to attack you and defeating them has a chance to provide you with Neurodes

Other than hunting Sentients and searching for Neuroptic Mass, you can also get Neurodes by killing enemies in the mission.

3) Zabala (Eris)


As a Dark Sector, Zabala offers a higher Resource Drop Chance but there have been some players who claim that this mission does not provide a lot of Neurodes.

Obtaining Neurodes in Zabala requires that you continuously kill multiple enemies as it is by chance that the resource will drop.

Your best bet would be to kill as many enemies as possible as you roam around but finding a lot of Neuroptic Mass is unlikely.

4) Tycho (Lua)

Tycho is a survival mission on Lua that allows you to go against countless enemies until you decide to extract from the mission, which can yield multiple Neurodes.

Every 5 minutes that pass, there will be a Sentient Oculyst that spawns, and upon detecting you, it will call other Sentients to attack.

Defeating them will provide you with a high chance of getting Neurodes and aside from this, you can also roam the map and kill enemies to find the resource in the process.


While several planets have Neurodes in their drop list, the resource remains a bit of a challenge to farm for some players.

Beginners can make good use of Earth when searching for Neurodes and can resort to Lua and Eris later, preferably doing the Zabala mission on Eris or the Plato mission on Lua.

It’s a good idea to roam maps that have Neurodes in their drop table as this will mean that the missions have Neuroptic Masses that drop Neurodes when destroyed.

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