Rubedo Farm 2024 (Best Locations & Missions): Warframe

Rubedo is an uncommon resource needed for several Warframe parts, weapons, and other equipment or items that you will need in the game.

While Rubedo is a resource that can be easily found, sometimes you will need large amounts of it depending on what you need to craft.

There are several planets where Rubedo may be farmed and it can be easily acquired at lower levels but farming it in large amounts requires targeting the right missions.

RF-1“A jagged crystalline ore. Gives off radiant energy”

How To Get Rubedo?

Rubedo can be farmed on planets that have the resource in its list of drops and this is done by destroying a specific node, breaking containers, and mainly by killing enemies.

This resource may not seem to come as often as other resources but it can still be farmed in great quantities depending on your approach.

Using Warframes that have abilities used to force enemies to drop resources is a good way to increase your chances of getting Rubedo.

Rubedo Locations

You may get your hands on Rubedo if you do missions on locations such as Phobos, Sedna, Pluto, Europa, Earth, Void, and Lua.

Among these planets, the easiest places to farm Rubedo are Phobos and Sedna due to the resource being first on their drop list. (You can also find Rubedo Formations to destroy)

Depending on which planets you have access to, it’s best to farm as much as you need before trying to get a lot with upgraded equipment.

Best Rubedo Farm Missions

1) Stickney (Phobos)


Stickney is a map of a facility crawling with Corpus units but they are easily taken out due to their low level and the fact that the faction often has squishy health.

The enemies on Stickney won’t prove to be much of a threat since they are pretty much low-leveled and Corpus usually rely on their shield which can be easily drained.

Enemies will spawn from different areas and using this as an advantage to choose where enemies will come from can help you maintain a flow for farming.

2) Zeugma (Phobos)


Considered the best place to farm Rubedo, Zeugma offers a good 25% increased Resource Drop Chance since it is a Dark Sector mission.

This makes it easy to farm Rubedo since it is on top of the resource list of Phobos, making this go hand in hand with the Dark Sector bonus.

You will be going against Infested enemies but this mission is often easier for those who have not yet progressed so much in the game.

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3) Amarna (Sedna)

Amarna is another choice as a survival mission but this has enemies with higher levels and a whole new set of higher-level enemies and different resources.

Since this is a Dark Sector mission, you will be going up against the Infested, which makes it a lot easier than fighting high-level Grineer enemies.

The only reason you may need to go to Amarna instead of missions on Phobos would be for higher Affinity and different resources.

4) Sangeru (Sedna)

If survival missions are not your thing, you can always resort to Sangeru as this defense mission can provide you with a good amount of Rubedo.

Not only will you get Rubedo and other resources from Sedna, but you can also get rewards for completing rotations in the mission.

This Dark Sector mission also pits you against the Infested, which makes it necessary to mod your weapons to deal better damage to them.

Purchasing Rubedo

Rubedo can be purchased from the in-game market for 30 Platinum but this only gets you an amount of 450 of the resource.

Instead of using your Platinum on this resource, it is better to head over to Phobos or Sedna as you can farm a good amount after completing a few rotations.


Rubedo can be found as you complete several missions as you progress through the game and you will eventually have enough for crafting some equipment.

Certain items require Rubedo and it is a good idea to take the time to farm it in bulk whenever you plan on crafting multiple items.

Keeping an eye out for Rubedo formations is a good way to get your hands on the resource while you are running around killing enemies.

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