Rubedo Farming 2023 Guide


“A jagged crystalline ore. Gives off radiant energy”


Its shiny and bright red. This beautiful ore is an uncommon resource used with many of the equipment and items crafted by our fellow Tenno.

There are several planets where Rubedo may be farmed and it can be easily acquired at lower levels on many different missions.


Rubedo is needed for several Warframe parts, weapons and more. These are also used for crafting different types of processed gems.

It is not necessary to farm so much Rubedo all at once but have some when you need it is good especially when you just started playing the game.

Where to farm Rubedo?

Most of the earlier missions give a chance to obtain Rubedo and it can be obtained earlier than most resources.


Rubedo can be farmed at Phobos, Earth, Pluto, Europa, Sedna and the Orokin Void.

Among these planets the easier way to farm Rubedo would be on Phobos since it has low level enemies as well as its easier to reach early on in the game.

There are many planets considered the best place to farm Rubedo but majority agree that Phobos makes it easy.

Being first on the resource list on Phobos, Rubedo will drop more often than the others but missions on Phobos have a chance of giving Morphics as well which is rare and will come in handy later on.


1) Stickney


This facility is crawling with Corpus units but are easily taken out due to the low level and the lack of coordination they have.

A lot of Rubedo Formations can be found lying around the mission.


The enemies on Stickney won’t prove to be much of a threat since they are pretty much low leveled and Corpus usually rely on their shield which can be easily drained.

Enemies will spawn from different areas and using this as an advantage to choose where enemies will come from can help you maintain a flow for farming.

This can be a done solo but farming with a group will provide more resources after the mission.


You can acquire an average amount of 500 to 2000 Rubedo after five minutes of farming on Stickney.

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2) Zeugma


With a 25% increased resource drop rate increase on this mission, players can easily get more Rubedo here than other missions since it is a Dark Sector mission.

Hordes of Infested will be running after the player so it is recommended to be prepared to face vast numbers of them.


Going around this mission you will find plentiful amount of Rubedo Formations to destroy as well as loot containers.

The Infested don’t pose much of a threat and as long as you have decent gear then you should be fine.

The area is surrounded with infestation and crawling with infested enemies a nice sharp weapon should do the trick to cut them down to size.


Doing around 5 minutes on Zeugma should guarantee an amount of 200 – 2000 Rubedo.

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Rubedo can be found along several missions during the time you go about and learning how to farm Rubedo will result in better farming experience.

There is a large quantity of items that require Rubedo and it is a good idea to have at least a couple hundred stored for future usage.

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