Anomaly Shard Farm 2024 (How to Get & Uses)

Anomaly Shards are a special type of resource that was introduced with the Empyrean update, which is when Railjacks were brought into the game.

Those who have progressed through the story will eventually have come across this ship and will have a slight idea of what enemies they will be facing.

Warframe Anomaly Shard“A Shard ripped from a Sentient Anomaly in the Veil Proxima. Little Duck is known to trade these for other exotic goods somewhere in Fortuna”.

How To Farm Anomaly Shard?

Anomaly Shards are not farmed like any other resources and do not have a drop chance but are instead guaranteed drop upon completing a Murex Ship.

Murex Ships are only available in the Veil Proxima and need to be located once you are on a mission to get an Anomaly Shard.

This requires that you go up against Sentient enemies in the Murex Ship and you will also need to complete the mission’s main objectives.

Where To Farm Anomaly Shard?

Since Anomaly Shards can only be obtained by completing Murex ships, you will need to start in the Veil Proxima, as that is the only place they appear.

Check the Veil Proxima to see if one of the nodes is blinking red, which indicates the presence of a Murex Ship, this changes every time to a random node.

The best way to farm Anomaly Shards is to make sure you have unlocked nodes in the Veil Proxima and to check on it now and then for a new Murex ship.

Anomaly Shard Uses

Anomaly Shards are required if you plan on crafting Caliban as all of his components require 3 of these resources to be made.

Caliban’s signature weapon called Venato requires 5 Anomaly Shards to be crafted and his cosmetic helmet (Caliban Cranion Helmet) requires 2 of them.

Additionally, you can trade Anomaly Shards with Little Duck in exchange for the Tenebrous Ephemera, which costs 15 shards.

5 Sentient Anomaly Captura Scenes can be purchased from Little Duck with Anomaly Shards. (Each of these scenes requires 10 Anomaly Shards)

Veil Proxima Murex Missions

Once you find a mission in the Veil Proxima that has a Murex ship, you will need to complete the mission’s original objectives.

After all the objectives are complete, head towards the Murex and board it after leaving your Railjack just like you would an enemy ship.

Within the Murex, you will need to explore and kill a certain amount of Sentients, which will reward you with an Anomaly Shard once this objective has been met.

How To Get Anomaly Shards Fast?

Since Anomaly Shards are only obtained once per completion of a Murex Ship, you may want to find ways to get the resource faster.

This can be done by having a Smeeta Kavat with you and by waiting for its Charm buff to activate before you kill the last Sentient.

To increase the Anomaly Shards that you get even further, having an active Resource Booster will double the amount of this resource that you get. (This stacks with Smeeta Kavat’s Charm)


Anomaly Shards were mainly for trading with Little Duck before the arrival of The New War update for the Tenebrous Ephemera and different Sentient Anomaly Captura Scenes.

After the New War was introduced, Anomaly Shards had an additional use which was to be a requirement in crafting Caliban’s different parts.

The Venato is currently the only weapon in the game that requires Sentient Shards to be crafted, which hints that this weapon and even Caliban originate from the Sentient.

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