Anomaly Shard Farm 2023 Guide

Warframe Anomaly Shard

“A Shard ripped from a Sentient Anomaly in the Veil Proxima. Little Duck is known to trade these for other exotic goods somewhere in Fortuna”.

How To Farm Anomaly Shard?

Anomaly Shards are not farmed like any other resources and do not have a drop chance but are instead guaranteed drop upon completing a specific type of Railjack mission.

This resource is rewarded after completing a Railjack mission in the Veil Proxima which has to have a Murex ship in it, noticeable by a blinking dot on the Star Chart.

The blinking red dot will appear on one of the Grineer-controlled missions, which signifies that there is a Sentient Ship that becomes an additional objective.

You will need to clear out 20 Sentients on the ship before leaving it to obtain 1 Anomaly Shard as a reward.

Where To Farm Anomaly Shard?

Since Anomaly Shards can only be obtained by completing Murex ships, you will need to start in the Veil Proxima, as that is the only place they appear.

Check the Veil Proxima to see if one of the nodes is blinking red, which indicates the presence of a Murex Ship, this changes every time to a random node.

The best way to farm Anomaly Shards is to make sure you have unlocked nodes in the Veil Proxima and to check on it now and then for a new Murex ship.

Veil Proxima Murex Missions

If you prefer taking on the Grineer you can head to Cetus to get Narmer bounties from Konzu or go straight into the Plains of Eidolon and head for one of the tents.

The Grinner can be quite tough if you do not focus too much on elemental damage but with the right equipment with moderate builds things should be easy.

Using Mesa or Saryn is a good choice due to Mesa’s Peacemaker ability, while Saryn’s abilities are great for stripping armor and dealing damage over time.


  • Anomaly Shards will come per piece for every Murex ship you complete, the more missions you take on the more you will get.
  • It is best to use a Parecesis when attempting to get Anomaly Shards as they make it easier to kill the Sentients that you encounter.
  • You should complete the other objective before making your way to enter the Sentient ship, defeating the Sentients before extraction.
  • Only 20 Sentients need to be killed before you obtain the Anomaly Shard and you can extract it afterward.


Anomaly Shards were mainly for trading with Little Duck before the arrival of The New War update for the Tenebrous Ephemera and different Sentient Anomaly Captura Scenes.

After the New War was introduced, Anomaly Shards had an additional use which was to be a requirement in crafting Caliban’s different parts.

The Venato is also one of the weapons introduced in The New War that requires Anomaly Shards to be crafted.

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