Fieldron Sample Farm 2024 (Locations & Best Missions): Warframe

Fieldron Sample is a resource that is needed to research a multitude of Corpus weapons as well as with the creation of Fieldron which is used to craft them.

Obtaining Fieldron Samples is not that hard, but the resource does come in small amounts, which makes it necessary to farm a lot for research and Fieldron crafting.

Regardless of the amount you need, if you target missions on the right planets, you can get a ton of this resource within a few rotations.

FSF-1“This destroyed Fieldron could further research into super-heated containment fields”

How To Get Fieldron Sample?

Killing enemies, looting containers, and opening Storage Lockers are the main ways to get Fieldron Samples in missions.

This can only be done if the mission is on a planet or location where Fieldron Samples is listed under its resource drop list.

Unlike most resources, Fieldron Samples do not have a specific container that guarantees it will drop when destroyed.

Where to Farm Fieldron Sample?

Fieldron Sample can be farmed on multiple planets as there are several that have it in their drop list but the chance to get the resource also depends on its position in the list.

Your best bet when it comes to getting Fieldron Samples is doing missions on Europa while Neptune, Mars, and Venus come as good alternatives. (Pluto also drops Fieldron Samples)

Doing Dark Sector missions on planets or locations where Fieldron Samples drops can provide a better chance but this also depends on the Resource Drop Chance bonus.

Best Missions to Farm Fieldron Sample

1) Kelashin (Neptune)

Kelashin (Neptune)

Though not amongst the first of the resources on Neptune, Fieldron Samples remain to have a good chance of dropping in Kelashin.

With the 30% resource drop rate boost from this Dark Sector mission, you are guaranteed to get a good amount of Fieldron Samples when farming here.

Enemies can come from multiple spawn points and the tight corridors make it easy to get all of the Infested killed together.

2) Wahiba (Mars)

Wahiba (Mars)

Wahiba is a decent mission to farm Fieldron Samples, especially if you want to farm it earlier as you progress since the enemies are weaker.

Being that it is a Dark Sector mission, you get the advantage of having a 20% increased Resource Drop Chance bonus.

The map has a good number of spots where players may camp or do rounds when farming and a lot of loot spread out in containers for those who want to roam first.

3) Kadesh (Mars)

Kadesh (Mars)

An alternative to survival missions would be Kadesh, another Dark Sector mission that you can find on Mars that allows you to get Fieldron Samples.

This mission can be handled by newer players as well as experienced ones for a good chance at Fieldron Sample drops as well as other rewards from being a defense mission.

The map is quite small, and players can easily keep track of the enemies and defend themselves, while stronger players may wipe the area easily with mid to high-tier builds.

4) Larzac (Europa)

Most players would believe that Excavation missions won’t be able to provide you with a good amount of resources but this is not entirely true.

Larzac is a great mission for those who want to make use of its 25% increase in Resource Drop Chance to get Fieldron Samples when killing enemies.

Unlike the other planets, Europa has a higher drop chance for Fieldron Samples as it is the third resource on its list while the others have it as the fourth.


Fieldron Samples can be quite a pain to harvest if you do not have a farming Warframe and this is due to the low drop rate, but you are still guaranteed to get the drops from time to time.

A lot of research requires Fieldron Samples, and several weapons require Fieldron, making it necessary to have an abundant supply if you want to craft Corpus weapons.

Farming Fieldron Samples in a group is pretty much the best method when farming but if you are solo, roaming with a Nekros, or camping with Hydroid or Khora works.

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    • Since an update changed the resources in Jupiter causing Fieldron Samples to be replaced with Hexanon, Neptune and Mars have proven to be the best places to farm Fieldron Samples. We have replaced our old content with the new farming places.

      • Apparently you are incorrect. The thing is, Neptune is controlled by the Corpus, and Fieldron Samples are part of the planet’s drop table. This means that the infested on the planet will drop Fieldron Samples. As of 4:25 PM 30/01/2020 we have entered the mission and can confirm that Fieldron Samples indeed do spawn in them. Perhaps bringing a Warframe that is suitable for farming or staying for more than one minute will help you get more than you are expecting to get but it is confirmed that Fieldron Samples do drop there. Next time make sure your claim is correct before saying such things. Thank you have a nice day. Do check out this link for more


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