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Nekros is a Warframe with powers resembling a necromancer who has powers to manipulate the souls of the living and the bodies of the dead.

He is one of the best farming Warframes in the game and along with his other skill he can greatly control groups of enemies either saving his allies or setting up enemies for a mass slaughtering.

How to Get Nekros?



Nekros parts may be obtained from successfully killing Lephantis in the Magnacidium mission located on Deimos.

His blueprint may be purchased from the Ingame market in the orbiter for 100,000 Credits.

Aside from farming for his parts, Nekros may be bought in the Ingame market for 375 Platinum.

Nekros Prime


Nekros Prime is the prime variant of Nekros and has a higher amount of energy and shield.

Relics that contain Nekros Prime:

  • Blueprint: Vaulted: Lith N3, Meso N3, Axi N3  Available: None
  • Neuroptics: Vaulted: Meso F1, Axi N5  Available: None
  • Chassis: Vaulted: Lith N1, Lith V4, Meso K1, Meso S3, Neo Z1, Axi G1, Axi N4  Available: None
  • Systems: Vaulted: Lith N2, Meso N5, Neo N3, Neo N7  Available: None


Nekros has powers that allow him to damage the souls of the living, strike fear into the hearts of his enemies, exploit the dead for his personal gain and raise his victims to do his bidding.

His passive ability is Soul Siphon which grants him 5 health each time an enemy dies within 10 meters of him.

Soul Punch


Nekros takes control of an enemy and pushes him forward hitting any enemies that it comes in contact with knocking them down in the process.

This can come in handy for pushing away specific enemies to knock back their allies, separate them from a group or to throw them to their deaths.

(In the below image you can see Nekros using Soul Punch on an enemy)NWB-6

Augment Mod: Soul Survivor causes Soul Punch to be able to revive fallen allies



Nekros causes enemies in a radius around him to run away from him going in random directions rendering them unable to attack along with having reduced armor making the susceptible to more damage.

Terrify is great for crowd control as well as weakening enemies and this can also be used when caught in a tight situation allowing you or your team to escape or do other actions while enemies are running.

(In the below image you can see Enemies running away after Nekros casts Terrify)NWB-9

Augment Mod: Creeping Terrify causes Terrify to reduce the movements speed of enemies that are affected by 60%



Using his manipulation over the dead, Nekros causes fallen enemies and their severed body parts to have a chance to drop additional loot per piece.

One of the reasons Nekros is considered one of the best Warframes for farming is this ability since it causes all parts of dead enemies to drop loot which means the more parts there are the more chance of getting loot that you have.

(In the below image you can see Enemy bodies dissipating into random loot)NWB-12

Augment Mod: Despoil causes Desecrate to consume health instead of energy.

Shadows of the Dead


Conjuring his dark powers to for summoning, Nekros resurrects enemies based on which ones he killed recently making them fight for a limited amount of time.

Once their time is up, the resurrected enemies will die and if Desecrate is active, they will drop health orbs.

Shadows of the Dead is great for drawing away enemy fire as well as helping Nekros and his squad out by dealing damage.

This is also a good supply for health replenishment for Nekros and his allies.

(In the below image you can see Nekros raising fallen enemies to fight for him)NWB-15

Augment Mod: 6% of the damage done to Nekros will be redirected to the resurrected enemies.

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Suggested Builds

Farming Bruiser Build

Our Bruiser/Farmer build with elements of a Desecrate build, focuses on allowing Nekros to have a great deal of range when it comes to desecrating enemies allowing a larger radius for loot to be forced.

Terrify will gain a significant increase as well due to the range of which enemies will be forced to run away.

With the Despoil mod, Nekros’ Desecrate will use health instead of energy when enemies vanish and leave loot and health orbs.

Health Conversion gives Nekros an armor boost that stacks when life orbs are picked up thus making it a complementary mod for Despoil.

Since life orbs will always drop most of the time due to Desecrate, Nekros will always have an armor boost making him durable and last longer.

With the aid of Quick Thinking, Nekros will have a time span to recover health before dying as it will cause him to stay alive at a precise moment when health goes down and with the help of the health orbs, health should recover quickly.

This build makes Nekros great for farming and allows him to last long during missions as he will be hard to kill and will constantly be receiving health and armor due to the mods he has.

(In the below image you can see Loot dropping from afar along with health conversion showing)NWB-18

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Shadows of the Dead Bruiser Build


With similarity to the previous build, we have a limit on range which makes Desecrate have a smaller radius for forcing loot.

Shadows of the Dead will have a longer duration and his shadows of his slain enemies will have higher stats which will aid him when fighting against enemies.

This build mostly focuses on having shadows fight alongside you with the trade-off of having low range reducing the radius that Desecrate has to force loot but allowing for more protection against groups as well as damage output from the shadows.

(In the below image you can see Shadows of the Dead killing enemies)NWB-20


A lot of people see Nekros as just a Warframe for farming but the truth is, there is more than just that to him.

Nekros is capable of crowd control and protection due to his Terrify and Shadows of the Dead abilities which prove very effective when used when the situation requires it.

Aside from being good at farming, Nekros can be a semi-tank damage dealer due to the combination of Health Conversion and Despoil which benefit from Desecrate.

He is definitely a Warframe worth getting as you will greatly benefit from this dark and grim Warframe’s abilities and possible playstyles.

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