warframe Ruvox (How to Get, Crafting Requirements & Stats)

Ruvox was an experimental weapon that involved the infusion of Albrecht’s Void experiments to create destructive potential, which led to it gaining an Incarnon Form.

This Incarnon Weapon is not only swift and deadly, but it also harnesses the power of the Void and may even cause Void Tendrils to impale enemies.

On its own, Ruvox is already a powerful weapon but once its Incarnon Form is unleashed, enemies will be on their heels trying to survive blow after blow.

Ruvox (Melee Weapon) in Warframe

Ruvox StatsWarframe Ruvox weapon stats

Ruvox is used as a close-range weapon that can land swift blows along with unleashing powerful heavy attacks and is a good choice for those who love to jump into a fight.

Its Incarnon Form may be activated after reaching a 6x Combo and unleashing a Heavy Attack, making the Ruvox even deadlier.

Performing a slam while Ruvox is in its Incarnon Form will cause Void Tendrils to impale enemies, making them easier targets to kill.

Primary Attack


Attack Speed



Slam Attack

Slide Attack


Combo Duration

Follow Through



Critical Chance

Critical Multiplier



Impact Damage170

How to Get Ruvox?

1) Armatus (Disruption)

Armatus (Disruption) mission

Ruvox and its components come as drops from the Armatus (Disruption) mission, which can be found on Deimos. (Complete The Deadlock Protocol and Whispers in the Walls to gain access)

These have a chance to drop whenever you complete Rotation B of the Disruption mission with every part having a chance to drop, even the main blueprint.

2) Purchase From Loid

Purchasing Ruvox from Loid

Players won’t always have a guaranteed chance to obtain all of the parts right away but during the Armatus (Disruption) mission, you will be able to collect Vessel Capillaries.

This resource may be used to purchase the Ruvox Blueprint as well as its components, making it a good backup to buy whatever you are missing. (Blueprint costs 180 while components cost 45)

Ruvox Incarnon Evolution

Ruvox’s first evolution allows you to activate its Incarnon Form after reaching 6x Combo, where a Heavy Attack will transmute it, and with more evolutions, additional perks may be gained.

When in its Incarnon Form, Heavy Slam attacks impale enemies on Void Spikes, damaging and suspending them.

Additionally, Ruvox’s Incarnon Form alters its stats by adding 3 Range, reducing Max Melee Attack Speed by 35%, and converting 100% of Impact Damage to Puncture Damage.

Evolutions that happen after the first one will allow you to choose a perk to alter Ruvox, making it possible to improve certain builds.

Evolution 1

  • Incarnon Form (Reach 6x Combo and perform Heavy Attack to Activate Incarnon Form)

Evolution 2

  • Orokin Reach (+1 Range)
  • Lethal Impetus (On Kill: +15% Attack Speed for 15 seconds, stacks 3x)
  • Gathering Momentum (Gain +5% Movement Speed per Melee Combo Multiplier.

Evolution 3

  • Shockwave Synergy (Gain 4 Combo Count for each enemy hit by Slam Attacks.
  • Seismic Slam (+60% Slam Radius)
  • Adept Reflexes (+15 Initial Combo)

Evolution 4

  • Swift Transmute (Reach 3x Combo and Heavy Attack to activate Incarnon Form)
  • Ternary Vault (Gain +1 mid-air jumps)
  • Inspiring Execution (+30% Combo Count chance on Finishers for 20 seconds)

Evolution 5

  • Brutal Efficiency (Gain +40% Heavy Attack Efficiency for 20 seconds while impaling 5 or more enemies)
  • Vulnerability Serum (Impaled enemies have 35% increased vulnerability to Status Chance)
  • Permanent Perforation (Enemies suffer 5 Puncture Status while impaled)

Ruvox Crafting Requirements

The Ruvox Blueprint will require that you have the other components crafted first before it can be completed.

Below are the parts needed for building Ruvox:


  • 2 Ruvox Blade
  • 2 Ruvox Glove
  • 20,000 Credits

Ruvox Blade

  • 4,500 Entrati Obols
  • 10 Bellow Voca
  • 2 Entrati Lanthorn
  • 8 Gallium
  • 20,000 Credits

Ruvox Glove

  • 1,400 Ferrite
  • 500 Necracoil
  • 2 Entrati Lanthorn
  • 4 Echo Voca
  • 20,000 Credits


Ruxov is a power melee weapon that can turn the tide of a fight due to its ability to impale enemies, which gives you and your team a good advantage.

The perks provided by this weapon’s Incarnon Evolutions make it viable for different builds that can be adjusted to suit different play styles.

Once this weapon has been obtained, completing the Incarnon Evolution requirements will allow you to fully utilize its true potential. (You can always change the perks to adjust your build) 

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