Warframe Noctua Build (Our Tested Builds)

Noctua is a tome and weapon only usable by Dante through the use of his first ability (Noctua), allowing him to summon the tome and equip it as his current weapon.

This weapon has two firing modes, which have a primary attack that splits upon impact to hit multiple enemies or a powerful wave that has infinite Punch Through.

Both of these attacks make Noctua great for taking out multiple enemies and when modded, clearing out groups becomes a piece of cake.

Warframe Noctua

Noctua Builds

1) Critical Damage Build

Noctua Critical Damage Build

Noctua has a decent starting Critical Chance of 30% for its Primary Attack and 45% for its Alternate Attack, making Critical Builds good with this weapon.

This build provides its user with a high damage output along with a very high critical chance and even guaranteed critical hits for its alternate attack.

Using secondary weapon mods, Noctua is easy to build for dealing critical damage and you can even add an elemental combination to target the weaknesses of certain factions.

2) Status Build

Noctua Status Build

Noctua has a base Status Chance of 25%, which has been further increased with this build to reach 105% with its Primary Attack and 45% within its Alternate Attack.

This makes Noctua a good choice for a Primer or a useful weapon to use against enemies due to the high amount of damage it deals with the addition to being able to inflict status effects.

You can swap the Elemental Status Mods with each other to alter the elemental combinations of the build, making Noctua cause certain status effects or deal more damage to certain enemies.

3) Hybrid Build

Noctua Hybrid Build

A good mixture of Critical Damage and Status Effects can go a long way, which is what our Noctua Hybrid Build provides you with.

Featuring the 4 Elemental Status Mods along with Primed Target Cracker and Creeping Bullseye, you get a good chance to get critical hits as well as inflict status effects.

Enemies that get hit will often succumb to different status effects while each shot will have a chance to deal even more damage thanks to the increase in Critical Chance.

4) Burst Build

Noctua Burst Build

When doing easier missions, sometimes a fast way to get rid of enemies is all you need and this can be doable with our Noctua Burst Build.

This focuses more on sending out rapid shots rather than dealing high amounts of damage, making this build best for missions that are not done in the Steel Path.

The fast rate of fire and a good amount of damage make it easy to take out groups by either using your Primary Attack to scatter shots or sending out a huge wave to clear anything in your path.


Noctua will always hit enemies that are within 20 meters at a 60° angle when you are using its Primary Attack, which is good for damaging multiple enemies.

The Punch Through of Noctua’s Alternate Attack will have infinite Punch Through and will go through as many enemies that are in its path, dealing high amounts of damage.

Utilizing Noctua against crowds of enemies is a good idea as both of its attacks can help you clear out swarms of enemies within seconds.

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