Warframe Onos Build (Out Tested Builds)

Onos is one of Albrecht’s Void experiments that was introduced in the Dante Unbound update, which was revealed to be an Incarnon Weapon.

This secondary weapon is a wrist-mounted cannon that is capable of firing accurately powerful shots that will charge its Incarnon Transmutation, which can be activated later.

Both in its Incarnon Form and without it, this weapon can be a deadly force to use against your enemies, especially if you can get headshots often.

Warframe Onos

Onos Builds

1) Critical Damage Build

Onos Critical Damage Build

Our Onos Critical Build focuses on dealing a large amount of damage to enemies with the help of both high Critical Chance and Damage.

Utilizing Several mods that increase its Multishot and Damage, results in the total amount of damage of Onos reaching around 8,000 per shot.

Depending on which elemental combinations you prefer, you can swap Convulsion and/or Heated Charge to get an element of your choice.

2) Status Build

Onos Status Build

When it comes to inflicting Status Effects, Onos may not be able to target multiple enemies but with Multishot added to it, this is slightly possible.

A combination of 4 Elemental Status Mods allows you to have 2 combined elements with the build that will also boost the overall Status Chance of the weapon.

With all of the mods combined, this build provides Onos with a 92.4% Status Chance and a good deal of damage to enemies, especially if you change the elements to target their weaknesses.

3) Hybrid Build

Onos Hybrid Build

Players who prefer to have a mix of both Critical Damage and Status Chance can settle for this build as it provides both with each shot fired.

Combining Primed Target Cracker and Creeping Bullseye (Which can be substituted with Primed Pistol Gambit), both Critical Chance and Status Chance will be higher than 70% in total.

This along with the damage provided by the Elemental Status Mods gives you good damage output, a chance to inflict status effects, and extra damage to certain enemies.

4)Headshot Build

Onos Headshot Build

Seeing that Onos requires headshots to trigger its transmutation, a build that focuses on accuracy and high amounts of damage seems worthy for Onos.

This build includes the Galvanized Crosshairs mod, which provides additional Critical Chance when you score headshots.

Accuracy is important with this build and being able to use Onos in its Incarnon Form will make this weapon even more devastating against your foes.


Onos may be a powerful weapon and even without its Incarnon Form it can dish out a lot of damage but some may prefer to use it for its additional perks.

The thing about Onos is that you need to get headshots before you can use its Incarnon Form, which is why accuracy is somewhat important for this weapon.

Modifying the elemental combinations, critical and status chance of Onos will carry over to its Incarnon Form, making this weapon more efficient if you can trigger its state often.

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