Diablo 4 Upgrade Items (Legendary, Normal, Weapons & Armor)

Diablo 4 has you fighting through hordes of monsters that increase in difficulty and scale with your level as you progress through the game.

One of the ways to best combat the demons that you come across is to always have powerful gear that can help you survive and fight them.

To maintain your gear and improve them to handle tougher enemies, upgrading is necessary, which can be done at the cost of resources.

Diablo 4 Upgrade Items

How To Upgrade Items?

To upgrade your gear, you will need to find the right NPC and they are often found in each of the towns to be interacted with.

Once you speak to an NPC that upgrades items, this will open their menu, where you can select the “Upgrade Item” option, which is the last in their menu.

Once you are in the Upgrade Item menu, you can simply select or drag the item that you want to upgrade to see what is needed and what the result will be.

How To Upgrade WeaponsUpgrading Weapons in Diablo 4

Weapons can be upgraded by visiting the Blacksmith and selecting “Upgrade Item” which will require you to place the weapon of your choosing in the upgrade slot.

Upgrading a weapon will usually require Iron Chunks, Silver Ore, and Veiled Crystals along with Gold when it comes to Normal to Rare equipment.

How To Upgrade Armor?Diablo 4 Upgrading Armor

Similar to weapons, armor may also be upgraded at the Blacksmith with the same process as placing the item in the upgrade slot and having the correct materials.

Upgrading Normal to Rare armor types will often require Rawhide, Superior Leather, and Veiled Crystals along with Gold.

How To Upgrade Jewelry?Upgrading Jewelry in Diablo 4

When it comes to upgrading Jewelry, this can be done at the Jeweler and by selecting the last option which is Upgrade Item.

Upgrading Jewelry will cost you Iron Chunks, Silver Ore, and Veiled Crystal along with Gold, which is similar to those needed for weapons.

Upgrade Item Preview

The Upgrade Item preview is an example of what the item you are upgrading will appear like once the process has been finished.

This will show you what stats will be altered so you can see what upgrading the item will do to it, which will be shown for each level.

Once you have decided that you like the changes, you can proceed to press the upgrade button, which will use Gold and materials to upgrade the item.

Material Cost

Upgrading items will be different for each item and this is also affected by rarity, which determines what resources and the amounts of them are needed.

You will be able to see the material cost for each level that you will upgrade, and this will get more expensive as the item becomes better.

To save up for this, you will need to salvage unwanted items often so that you have the materials needed for upgrading.

Upgrading Legendary Items

Upgrading Legendary Items will require more than the basic materials that you can get during the earlier parts of the game.

These will have to come from Legendary Items of a similar type when you are salvaging and are a requirement for specific items that you want to upgrade.

  • Upgrading Legendary WeaponsRequires Baleful Fragment
  • Upgrading Legendary Armor – Requires Coiling Ward
  • Upgrading Legendary Jewelry – Requires Abstruse Sigil

Item List for Upgrading

The following is a list of materials that are needed for upgrading weapons, armor, and jewelry in Diablo 4 that can be collected or obtained by salvaging items.


  • Iron Chunks
  • Silver Ore
  • Veiled Crystal
  • Baleful Fragment


  • Rawhide
  • Superior Leather
  • Veiled Crystal
  • Coiling Ward


  • Iron Chunks
  • Silver Ore
  • Veiled Crystal
  • Abstruse Sigil

Normal Items

There will be a lot of normal items that you get while you hunt enemies, open containers, and complete certain quests but these are best left as they are.

It can be a waste if you spend resources to upgrade normal items as they do not possess any magical features that help you out.

It is better to obtain Rare and Legendary items and focus on spending your resources on those to make the most out of them.


It’s best to keep your materials for later when you are going to upgrade Rare and Legendary or better equipment as some resources can easily be used up.

Since weapons and jewelry share the same minor resources, it’s best to salvage whenever you can to make sure you have enough.

A good way to have a good number of materials for upgrading would be to always return to town to salvage your unused equipment before returning to continue what you are doing.

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