Diablo 4 Veiled Crystal (How to Get, Farming & Uses)

When you progress in Diablo 4, you will want to make sure that your equipment is ready for when you need to take on the challenges that lie ahead.

This is why you must upgrade them and to do so, you will need a crafting material known as a Veiled Crystal along with other resources.

Veiled Crystals are a rare crafting material that is used when it comes to upgrading equipment to higher levels, which provides them with increased stats.

Diablo 4 Veiled Crystal

About Veiled Crystal

Veiled Crystals are known to be a material that is the result of salvaging rare weapons and armor and this includes higher rarity ones as well.

It appears that these have traces of magic which can be used to improve your equipment to better fight against evil.

Both Occultists and enchanters commonly use this material to alter the magical energy of certain equipment through various processes.

How To Get Veiled Crystal?Diablo 4 Weapon Inventory

Veiled Crystals can be obtained by salvaging items that you no longer need, which include weapons, armor, and jewelry and this can be done at a blacksmith.

This resource will often come from items that have higher qualities, providing you with more depending on the quality of the item that is salvaged.

Salvaging several rare items will guarantee that you get Veiled Crystals and the more you salvage, the more of these rare crafting materials you will get.

Additionally, Veiled Crystals may be obtained by opening chests, mainly ones that appear after the end of events that you can find in Sanctuary or dungeons.

Veiled Crystal Farming

Since Veiled Crystals are easily obtained from salvaging, you can grind dungeons or explore Sanctuary while slaying enemies to get items.

Once you are full of items, it’s best to teleport back to town to salvage what you do not need and head back to continue with whatever you were doing.

Making it a habit to do this often instead of tossing items away or selling them is a good technique when it comes to farming Veiled Crystals and other salvageable resources.

Best Place to Farm Veiled Crystals

The best place for farming Veiled Crystals is in dungeons but doing events is also a good way to get them from time to time.

It is better to go with dungeons because these have several elite enemies that you can slay, providing you with a good chance to get better gear to salvage.

At higher levels, Rare equipment becomes more common, and maintaining a stock of Veiled Crystals becomes easier.

Veiled Crystal Uses

Veiled Crystals are needed when you are upgrading items to level 3 and higher, making them necessary for reaching endgame quality gear.

The higher the level you plan to upgrade your gear to, the more Veiled Crystals will be needed along with other crafting materials.

Weapons, armor, and jewelry all need Veiled Crystals when you plan to level them up to level 3 to level 5 along with the resources depending on what type of item it is.


Veiled Crystals will be needed often in the game since you will always be changing your equipment as you attempt to reach higher character levels.

Since you will get Veiled Crystals often, you can use these to upgrade your items to level 3 as this requires the cheapest of crafting materials.

Once you start collecting a lot of Rare items, you can easily obtain a lot of Veiled Crystals to improve your equipment for better stats.

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