How To Salvage Legendary Items in Diablo 4

One of the features that Diablo 4 has is salvaging, which allows you to get rid of unwanted items to obtain certain resources that can be used later.

Players can salvage weapons, armor, and jewelry to obtain certain materials that can be used later for upgrading items based on the materials needed.

While salvaging common, magic and rare items is one of the usual things you will be doing, salvaging Legendary items is something you do once you progress later.

Diablo 4 Salvage Legendary Items

How To Salvage Legendary Items?

Salvaging Legendary items is done similarly to any other type of item, but the game makes sure you do not do this by accident.

Under the salvage menu, you can select which rarity you want to salvage in bulk, and to salvage Legendary Items things are a little different.

Selecting All Items will cause everything to be salvaged while selecting the hammer and clicking on the item you want to be salvaged will do this for each item. (Confirmation will appear)

Legendary Salvaged MaterialsLegendary Items Salvaging

Salvaging Legendary Items will often give you materials that you would get from Rare and lower items but with an added chance for special material.

The different Legendary types of items can drop materials that are required to upgrade items to level 4, making them the rarest materials.

The following are Legendary Materials obtained from salvaging Legendary items:

  • Baleful Fragment (Salvaged from Legendary Weapons)
  • Coiling Ward (Salvaged from Legendary Armor)
  • Abstruse Sigil (Salvaged from Legendary Jewelry)

Each of the items is required to upgrade the item that matches where it was salvaged to upgrade an item of the same type.

For example, Baleful Fragments are salvaged from Legendary weapons and are also used to upgrade Legendary weapons to Level 4.

This is the same when it comes to the Coiling Ward and Abstruse Sigil as they come from and are used to upgrade items of the same type to Level 4.

How To Get Legendary Items?

Legendary items come in different ways as they drop by chance and will be more frequent when you have progressed to higher levels.

Playing on higher World Tiers will also provide you with a better chance to get Legendary items at the cost of fighting more difficult enemies.

Legendary items may be made when applying an aspect to items via the Occultist, which happens when you use a certain aspect to alter an item.


Since Legendary items can be upgraded to Level 4, you will need Baleful Fragments, Coiling Wards, or Abstruse Sigils depending on what item you want to upgrade.

The only way for you to get these is to sacrifice Legendary items that you have by salvaging them in hopes to get the materials.

It is important to keep in mind that Legendary materials will not always drop, so it is best to salvage them in bundles.

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