Destiny 2 Operation Fulgurite Mission Walkthrough

Recent scans have shown a rich shelf of Egregore Coral fathoms below the normal depth, which you will need to explore.

This has however attracted the attention of a Taken Knight and its minions, which are radiating energy that is affecting the haul.

You will need to make your way to obtain the Egregore Coral before the Taken Knights are through with it so that you can bring it back to the H.E.L.M.

  • Mission Type: Season of the Deep
  • Mission Location: New Pacific Arcology, Titan

Operation Fulgurite Destiny 2

How To Get Operation Fulgurite?

Operation Fulgurite is one of the missions that you need to complete in the seasonal quest known as Into The Depths.

You will be required to complete this mission during quest step 16 before you can proceed to collect more coral to be used for Sloane and Ahsa’s connection.

Operation Fulgurite Mission ObjectivesSelect a Gift from Ahsa after passing through the airlock

1) Arcology Airlock

You will be starting inside a room that has an airlock that needs to be opened and will need to interact with the lever next to it to proceed.

2) Select a Gift from Ahsa

Once you have gone through the airlock, you will need to fight your way to the end of the area and interact with one of Ahsa’s Gifts.

3) Dive into the Abyss Depth

After obtaining one of the gifts, head over to the next area to dive into the water and make your way to the waypoint.

This requires that you swim down and interact with a lever to open up the door at the end (the lever should be below where you swam down) to proceed.

Upon swimming deeper into the water, you will need to interact with another lever that is on a pillar with a floating light near it to continue.

Make your way through the door and you will be able to exit the water by floating down into the last area.

Planting Egregore Resonator

4) Plant Egregore Resonator

You will need to interact with the area marked near you to place down an Egregore Resonator but this causes enemies to appear.

5) Defeat Coral Devours and Purify Their Samples (Repeat Twice)

Amongst the enemies, there will be some that are marked by waypoints that are named Coral Devourers, which you need to defeat.

They will drop Corrupted Coral, which you will need to pick up and bring to the marked devices to be purified.

6) Defeat the Interlopers (Repeat Twice)

More enemies will appear and these will include Wrathful Interlopers that you need to defeat along with more Taken enemies.

Once all the Wrathful Interlopers have been defeated, you will have to repeat these steps a few more times before being able to progress.

7) Plant Egregore Resonator

You will be teleported into the Asphyxiator’s Hollow and will need to continue by planting an Egregore Resonator. (Rally Banner can be placed in this area)

Fighting with the Taken from Bones

8) Taken from Bones

You will now need to head down into the next area where Kelgorath, Taken from Bones will be and will have to defeat him.

Kelgorath will attack you along with other Taken enemies and will become invulnerable every time you reduce his health by 1/3 of its amount.

Whenever Kelgorath is invulnerable, you will need to destroy the Taken Blights that appear nearby to make him vulnerable again.

Repeat these steps until Kelgorath has been defeated and you will be able to proceed to claim the haul of coral.

9) Secure the Haul of Egregore Coral

The Egregore Coral will be marked by a waypoint and you will need to interact with it to collect it, which causes a Deep Dive chest to appear.

10) Collect Rewards

Once the Egregore Coral has been collected, the Deep Dive chest will appear and may be opened as the mission becomes complete.

Operation Fulgurite Rewards

Completing the Operation Fulgurite mission will reward you with XP and Bait along with a Deep Dive chest that you can open.

Once you open the Deep Dive chest, you will receive Seasonal Gear as Deep Engrams depending on what Seasonal Bonuses you have unlocked.

Additionally, you will now be able to proceed with the next quest step in the seasonal quest called Into the Depths.

SummaryCollect the rewards after completing the Operation Fulgurite mission

After delving deep into the Methane Sea, you were able to get yet another haul of the Egregore Coral that Sloane and Ahsa will need.

Fighting Kelgorath may have proven to be a difficult battle but was necessary to take home the huge score of Egregore Coral.

Now that you have secured the haul, it’s time to bring it back to the H.E.L.M. so that Sloane and Ahsa can boost their connection.

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