Diablo 4 Crossing Over Quest Walkthrough

You have received a blessing from Reverend Mother Prava despite Inarius denying you this and may continue your pursuit of Lilith.

Neyrelle will be waiting for you in the Path of the Firstborn and the two of you are to return to where her mother recently died.

The two of you must find a way to cross the Black Lake as you pursue Lilith to stop her, that is if you reach her in time.

Crossing Over Campaign Quest Diablo 4

How To Get Crossing Over Quest?


Crossing Over begins once you have completed the Light’s Protection quest, which is when you previously receive Reverend Mother Prava’s blessing.

Crossing Over Quest ObjectivesGoing to the Black Lake with Neyrelle

1) Speak with Neyrelle in the Path of the Firstborn

Neyrelle will be waiting for you in the Path of the Firstborn, you will need to make your way there and speak to her.

2) Go to the Black Lake with Neyrelle

After speaking to Neyrelle, she will tell you that she will explain the plan as you both make your way to the Black Lake.

You will need to lead the way to the Black Lake, which will be marked on your map but there will be demons that you will need to fight your way through.

3) Speak with Neyrelle

Once the two of you arrive where Vhenard died, you will need to interact with Neyrelle, which will begin a cutscene.

During the cutscene, Neyrelle can temporarily resurrect her mother and this gives her enough time to help the two of you cross the Black Lake by creating a bridge.

4) Speak with Neyrelle (Again)

With the bridge now available, you can cross the Black Lake but before this, you will need to speak to Neyrelle, who tells you to go on ahead as she will tend to Vhenard’s body.

Crossing Over Rewards

Completing, Crossing Over quest will reward you with XP and Gold while also unlocking the way for you to go across the Black Lake into the Necropolis of the Firstborn.


After finally getting the blessing from Reverend Mother Prava, it seems that it was useful after all when Vhenard told you it was a necessary key to cross the Black Lake.

It turns out your blood that was now blessed was needed and after making a small offering, Vhenard’s spirit was able to make a way for you to cross it.

Neyrelle is still devastated about her mother finally passing on and has stayed behind, leaving you to continue pursuing Lilith on your own.

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