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Borderlands 3

We’re all excited about the release of Borderlands 3 and a lot of us have already purchased it and can’t wait to put holes in our enemies a blow them to smithereens.

The Borderland 3 VIP Activities are up and running you can opt to join in to get rewards for doing the simplest of things from basically watching videos, following their news and much more.

A lot appears to be in store for us with the Borderlands 3 VIP Program and we can surely expect a lot when it comes to the ingame goodies and VIP Codes that will be available soon.

VIP Activities


Similar to the past seasons there have been ways for us to stay tuned and be interactive with the games we enjoy and Borderlands 3 is no exception.

By simply joining in on the VIP program you do not only get updates but you get to participate and do simple activities that allow you to earn points.

These points can be achieved easily and later used on to redeem rewards for ingame which is very cool and pretty exciting.

From basic challenges such as linking an account to just watching a simple video or reading a story, you can already earn points in the VIP Activities and can use these to purchase rewards that you want.

How To Join?


Simply head to and select login/sign up so you can create or log into your account.

It’s really easy and fast when making your account and it’s also good so you can monitor your account and other thing related and connected to the site and games.

Once you have signed up or logged in, select insiders from the top and go to activities so you can see the activities that you can do to earn points.


Signing up will allow you to earn the “Early Adopter Pack” which include a Children of the Vault Weapon along with an Echo Device Skin and 5 Gold Keys.

Basic Activities


The activities are pretty easy, especially the “getting started” part where you simply just need to complete your profile and link a few accounts along with a few other easy tasks.

This already give you points and once you complete them, the points get saved to your account and the tasks will be checked to mark for completion.

The points will be in your account and available for you to use later on when you check the rewards.

More Activities


If you continue browsing the page you will notice several more activities that you can easily complete and the amount of points they will give you.

You can practically do a lot of them in mere minutes and even learn a few things while you’re at it, so that while you wait for Borderlands 3 to be released, you’re already racking up some goodies.

These won’t be the only activities though as they said there will be many more to come so you can pretty much get a bunch of points just by being active and checking things out every once in a while.

All you simply need to do is follow, tune in, view content and more which is pretty fun especially when you want to check out the latest information so it’s pretty much a 2 birds one stone scenario.

VIP Rewards


To check out the rewards, simply click on insiders then pick rewards a you will be directed to the page where you can instantly spin and get a chance to win a cool ingame item for each season.

Simply click on the button to get your free item and don’t forget to look at the other seasons.

At the bottom of the weaponizer you will be able to pick from the following games to see the redeemable prizes for each of them.

Selecting one will redirect you to the page where you can you the points that you currently have to purchase goodies.

Choosing Borderlands 3 will bring you in for some pretty good deals where you can buy weapons for points that you have acquired.

If you collect 8 VIP reward weapons, you also get to unlock a legendary Maliwan gun in Borderlands 3 which you can use at your convenience when you receive it ingame.

Of course everyone loves cosmetics and what better way to get ingame skins to use to make your character fun and unique.

At the cost of points, you may purchase the skins which are listed on the page to your liking and can customize your character with them early on during the game.

Why not stand out on your first day in the game right?


Gold keys will also be available in this section but they are for the other series that came before Borderlands 3.

These are used to unlock special items usually of good quality which players enjoy opening as they can get some of the best loot available this way.

We can expect Borderlands 3 to have its own gold keys in different methods such as being tuned in and paying attention for details and messaged that we may receive aside from the standard Shift codes that we had in the previous titles.


You also have the option of purchasing wallpapers that you may use for both your computer or mobile phone as they have wallpapers compatible for both mobile and pc.

These don’t cost that much in points and the points can easily be collected so take pleasure in picking out what you want.

A pretty fun feature and the points don’t cost a lot while the wallpapers look pretty good at the same time.

Borderlands 3 VIP Rewards


If you select Borderlands 3 from the rewards menu, you get brought to a page where you can use the points that you have accumulated and purchase weapons.

You get to select from a few weapons which you can see the price of and purchase, from this point on you can pretty much get yourself a nice starter weapon for later on.

Take note that collecting 8 weapons will grant you the legendary Maliwan weapon which will turn out to be a big help and not to mention fun to use weapon once you begin.

Code Redemption


They are back at it with the codes again and we can expect some pretty good stuff and were sure everyone is pretty excited about getting those gold keys.

Being different from the traditional Shift codes, we are introduced to vault codes which can be found in a lot of ways.

Staying tuned for the latest news, checking the social media site and even your email that you used for your account can get you a chance of finding some codes, so be sure the check often.

You can redeem codes that you receive in this area and regardless of where you get them, all you need to do is choose the right source and then redeem it for some vault points.

So what are you waiting for? Hurry and join now so you don’t miss your chance to get yummy freebies and the latest news.

Get ready for another great shoot and loot gaming adventure!

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