Hammerlock’s Occult Hunt Guide (Guns, Love & Tentacles)

BL3 Hammerlock's Occult Hunt

Hammerlock is a great hunter and enjoys collecting trophies of some of the rarest beasts that can be found.

In Guns, Love and Tentacles, there is no exception as Hammerlock has a list of creatures that he would like to hunt.

As part of the Crew Challenges in the DLC, the Hammerlock Occult Hunt provides rewards and more excitement for those who pick and accept to do them.

It is required to complete these hunts along with the other Crew Challenges in order to obtain the “Industrious in the Face of Cosmic Terror” achievement.

Hammerlock’s Occult Hunt Enemies

As you explore the area or do missions, you will come across the locations of the creatures which will later on be marked on your map.

You may proceed with the hunt whenever ready or may come back later when you are more equipped or not busy.

Legendary Yeti (Skittermaw Basin)

The Legendary Yeti can be found in the Skittermaw Basin beyond the Nethes Mines where its path deviates from the way heading towards The Cankerwood.

The Legendary Yeti has a similar appearance to the Jabber and fights like one but is much stronger and has slightly different attacks.

Hammerlock describes the Legendary Yeti as an Ice Yeti which is both extremely gruesome and aggressive.

Legendary Kritchy (Cursehaven)

The Legendary Kritchy can be located in Cursehaven near the Withernot Cemetery and can be found by following a nearby path heading into a smaller area.

This legendary creature has a similar appearance to the Dirigible Kritchidon except for the slight change in color as well as the addition of a single eye popping out in front and the top hat it wears.

It has been discovered that the Legendary Kritchy is actually a combination of a human and a kritch which also appears to appear as a neritic creature.

Legendary Gmork (The Cankerwood)

The Legendary Gmork can be found in the Sweetfruit Village which is around the center of The Cankerwood.

The Legendary Gmork appears as a evolved form of Prime Wolvengar and shows similar attributes along with a larger body and more bones coming out of its body.

Hammerlock considers the Legendary Gmork to be a badass variation of the Prime Wolvengar and also uses the term Dire Wolven label it.

Legendary Kukuwajack (Negul Neshai)

The Legendary Kukuwajack is located on the DAHL research ship inside the Negul Neshai area and can easily be found when on the ship.

Appearing as a more primitive version of a ratch, the Legendary Kukuwajack seems to be more primal in form and has a larger bone structure with spikes coming out of its back.

It is explained in Hammerlocks guidebook that kissing a loved one under the head of a Kukuwajack can bring good luck.

Hammerlock explains that the name Kukuwajack translates into “terrifying bug monster” which is most likely based on his local guidebook.

Legendary Kratch (Heart’s Desire)

The Legendary Kratch can be found in Heart’s Desire near the “What Beat’s Beneath” fast travel terminal.

As another type of Kritchidon, the Legendary Kratch has qualities similar to that of the Exposed Kritichon but poses a much larger threat due to what appears to be being present in a lab where experiments were held.

While the Kratch was labeled as a Queen Slug, Hammerlock was quite letdown to find out it had no slug traits whatsoever.

Hammerlock’s Occult Hunt Rewards

Trophy Collecting

Each of Occult Hunts dones successfully will result in the heads of the creatures being mounted on the walls within The Lodge.

At level 57 you can expect to receive a around:

  • 19,760 XP
  • 12,777 Cash

Eyeballs ECHO Theme

Once you have completed all of the Occult Hunts, you will be sent an “Eye Balls” ECHO Theme by Hammerlock which features moving eyeballs on your ECHO device.

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