Mancubus Eldritch Statues Guide (Guns, Love & Tentacles)

Mancubus Eldritch Statues BL3

Across the difference in Xylourgos are Eldritch Statues which Mancubus would like you to destroy to prevent the spread of unwanted influence.

Destroying all 5 of the Mancubus Eldritch Statues will benefit you with several rewards such as Cash, Experience, Eridian and more.

Completing these count as Crew Challenges and will later on will grant you the “Industrious in the Face of Cosmic Terror” achievement when completed with the other Crew Challenges.

Mancubus Eldritch Statues Locations

Statues may be found in a specific map and will be visible when you come within range of their spots.

Cursehaven (Abrigga)

Abrigga’s statue may be found in Cursehaven near Withernot Cemetery and can be found by heading down into a crypt located at the back of the cemetery.

Dustbound Archives (Jerick)

The Jerick statue can be found nearby the Forbidden Stacks that is located in the Dustwind Archives and can be located by heading right after passing the second hallway and following till the very last room where there will be a hidden room to the left.

The Cankerwood (Dessica)

A statue of Dessica is located in The Cankerwood near Fugue’s Shelter and can be located at the back where it can be found in a cave-like opening.

Negul Nesai (Crivan)

The Crivan statue can be found in Negul Nesai where it sits inside a small part of the Winterdrift Outpost at the left.

Heart’s Desire (Pelliya)

The statue of Pelliya can is located within Heart’s Desire and can be found in Gythian’s Chancel, where it sits inside a large container stacked on others at the very top.

Mancubus Eldritch Statues Rewards

Statue Destruction

You will receive a reward for each statue that you destroy, allowing you to gain a good amount of experience and cash.

At level 57, each statue you destroy gives you around:

  • 19,760 XP
  • 12,777 Cash

The Lodge Poster

Once all Mancubus Eldritch Statues have been destroyed, you will receive mail from Mancubus Bloodtooth which has the “The Lodge Poster” room decoration.

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