BL3 Eleanor and the Heart (Boss): Defeating, Location, Attacks, Drops, Weak Spots

Eleanor and the Heart boss BL3

Eleanor & the Heart is the final boss you will face when following the main story of the Guns, Love and Tentacles DLC during the mission called The Call Of Gythian.

This boss is a combination of Vincent, who is trapped within the heart and Eleanor who join up together to stop you from preventing their plans.

You will be fighting both Eleanor and Vincent (entombed within the heart) and their health bar will be shared.

After the possession of Wainwright who has suddenly taken off with Hammerlock following behind to be kidnapped as well, you find that this boss resides within Heart’s Desire, a home which leads to the bellow of a large beast under the town.

As you travel within Heart’s Desire, you will find yourself facing these two as they had first attempted to take over Wainwright and Hammerlock in their bonding ritual.

These two will fight individually first before taking you on together and you must go through each phase before being able to kill them.

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Fighting & Killing Eleanor and the Heart

You will first start off by fighting Eleanor and she will attack you with her abilities as well as summon Bonded enemies to attack you.

Eleanor will warp in the Bonded enemies from time to time which you can dispatch first or ignore during the fight.

Should you run out of ammunition, killing the Bonded is a good way of replenishing your supply.

Once you have done enough damage to Eleanor, she will turn invulnerable and will not attack for a while but instead the Vincent (inside the heart) will start to attack you.

In order to damage the heart, you will need to aim for the crystals that are poking out of the holes in the heart and tentacles.

During the phase against the heart, Krichidons will spawn and float around while attacking you which you may also kill to resupply your ammunition.

After dealing enough damage to the heart, Eleanor will begin to attack again and you will be able to damage the health bar by either attacking Eleanor or the heart.

Weak Spots


Eleanor may have powers but she still retains her humanoid weaknesses, making headshots deal critical damage against her.

Since she flies around in the air, she can easily be hit in the head as she also does not attempt to block in any way and is very exposed.

The Heart (Vincent)

While the heart can only be damaged by shooting the crystals, there will be smaller glowing crystals which are its weak spot.

Shooting the glowing crystals will result in dealing critical damage to the heart.

Notable Attacks

Energy Spikes (Eleanor)

Eleanor will conjure 5 spikes that will be propelled by energy towards your direction, exploding on impact.

You can avoid these by moving to the side as these do not home in on you but rather just fly straight towards your last location.

Jumping will help avoid the explosion damage if you are too slow to move after avoiding the initial impact.

Charged Energy Ball (Eleanor)

Absorbing life from her summoned Bonded minions, Eleanor charges up a large ball before throwing it at you.

The location where the ball will be thrown will be marked and the size and strength of the ability will depend on how many enemies she has drained.

To prevent damage and reduce the size of the ball, make sure you deal with the Bonded before she can drain them.

Tentacle Swipe (The Heart)

Vincent (The Heart) uses a large tentacle to sweep the area, dealing damage and knocking you back if you get hit.

To avoid this attack, you may simply jump over the tentacle or destroy one of the crystals to stop it.

Pummel (The Heart)

Using its massive tentacles, Vincent (The Heart) will slam the ground where you are standing several times, knocking you repeatedly into the air.

Avoid staying under the tentacles when they are about to hit the ground to avoid getting knocked into the air.

Notable Drops

After killing Eleanor & The Heart, a bunch of loot will scatter which range from common to epic as well as a high chance for legendary gear.

Among some of the legendary gear, there is a high chance to obtain the “Love Drill” legendary handgun as well as other weapons from the Guns, Love and Tentacles DLC.

There is still a small chance to obtain the more generic weapons that are not from the DLC.


  • Try to maintain motion as staying still will most likely get you killed by either the bosses or the mobs that are spawned.
  • Be sure to save ammunition for killing the mobs if you are running low on ammunition.
  • Bring at least one type of weapon if you might not be able to kill the enemies with a set of four weapons.
  • Aim for the critical parts to deal more damage as Eleanor & The Heart have quite a large health pool.
  • The moment you see Eleanor absorbing energy from 2 or more enemies, start running as the range of her blast is quite large.
  • Try to move in a circular motion going around the heart to keep enemies away from you and to avoid attacks.
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