Gaige’s Gifts Crew Challenge Guide (Guns, Love & Tentacles)

Gaige’s Gifts Crew Challenge BL3

Gaige brought the gifts of those who couldn’t make it to Wainwright and Hammerlock’s wedding but some of these were lost as she was crash landing.

She has asked you to retrieve any of the lost gifts that you may find along the way as you go out on missions or exploring.

Obtaining these gifts will have rewards upon collecting them as well as later on when completed.

Collecting all of the gifts adds to the Crew Challenge completion which will grant the “Industrious in the Face of Cosmic Terror” achievement when completed with all the other Crew challenges.

Gaige’s Gift Locations

Skittermaw Basin (Marcus)

A gift from Marcus will have fallen in Umbergrist Village which is in the middle of Skittermaw Basin which can be located in the Frostbiter town in the center.

You can fast travel to the Cursehaven Gondola in Skittermaw Basin and take a vehicle heading towards the center to avoid taking a long route to the gift.

You will have to climb all the way up and head to the side where you will need to use your acrobatic skills to properly jump and climb up to the gift.

Cursehaven (Mordecai and Brick)

A gift from Mordecai and Brick has appeared in Cursehaven which is probably one of the first gifts you might see.

Fast traveling to Withernot Cemetery or Bleak Terrace will put you closer to the gift.

You will find the gift outside one of the raised homes near Olmstead Square and can even see it when standing nearby but this cannot easily be jumped to.

Instead of trying to jump your way from the bottom, go around the building and you will find a way heading up so you can easily pick up the gift.

The Cankerwoods (Tina)

While doing the Horror In The Woods mission, you may come across the gift from Tina in The Cankerwoods.

Since there is only one spawn location, you will have to start from the very entrance and reach it near the Wendigo boss fight area.

You will see the box on top of a snowy ledge near the Fermentation Station close to Frostibeter homes and wolven dens.

You can simply jump up to the cliff or walk around to reach an easier area to climb up to.

Dustbound Archives (Clay)

Clay’s gift has dropped near the Dustbound Archives which is just after the boss fight with the Empowered Scholar.

You will need to fast travel to the very start and keep a lookout before you leave the area as the gift will be located near the Founder’s Office.

After defeating the Empowered Scholar, go through the gates and head towards the right side before you reach the Founder’s Office where you will find the gift sitting upon elevated rocks.

Negul Neshai (Tannis)

During the Mountain Of Mayhem mission, you will find yourself near a gift when you are near the Ruins Of Yogseer which was originally given by Tannis.

You will need to head into Negul Neshai or fast travel there and head near the DAHL ship that is floating, finding the gift nearby as you proceed.

You will have to move to the side of the cliff as there will be rocks underneath but be careful not to fall to your death.

Gaige’s Gift Rewards

Gift Collection

Each of the gifts will give you a certain amount of experience, cash and eridian which is the same per gift.

At level 57 you can expect to receive a around:

  • 19,760 XP
  • 12,777 Cash
  • 10 Eridian

Each gift you collect will later on be displayed inside The Lodge along with other gifts that successfully were brought along with Gaige or by other guests.

Just Married Poster

Once you have collected all of the gifts, you receive an achievement included in the Guns, Love and Tentacles DLC and Gaigie will send a “Just Married” poster to your inbox.

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