BL3 Eista (Boss): Defeating, Location, Attacks, Drops, Weak Spots

Eista Boss Bl3

Eista is the leader of the Amourettes and serves as a boss but remains to be an ally who loves to spar with you from time to time.

You will face Eista during the mission called The Horror In The Woods and later on face him in all of the We Slass missions where you help him become stronger.

After doing all the We Slass missions, Eista will be fightable every instance of the game whenever you start once, allowing him to be farmed.

During the mission called The Horror In The Woods you find yourself facing Eista when you first introduce yourself and later befriend him which leads to his aid and a few sparring rounds with him.

Eista will be unlocked as a fightable boss once all of the We Slass missions are finished and he will fight you in his final form which has an armor, shield and health bar that you must deplete.

For the We Slass missions you can find Eista in the Clan Amourettes camp and after the missions, you may fight him again in the arena within the camp.

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Fighting & Killing Eista

If you are fighting Eista, you have probably gone through his other missions where he has accumulated all of the different abilities.

You can expect his final set of abilities to be a collection of everything he has gotten from the We Slass missions.

As you fight Eista in the arena, he will repeatedly come at you with all of his abilities and occasionally attack you with melee blows which can knock you back or up into the air.

The best way to fight Eista is to keep your distance and continuously fire at his weak spot in order to deal the most damage while avoiding getting killed.

You can easily avoid Eista’s attacks by side stepping and even include jumping if it does not interfere with your accuracy, making him extremely easy to kill as his attack will most likely miss the majority of the time.

Weak Spots

Eista is the same as any other humanoid and will take increased damage when being shot in the head although this does not seem to stun him.

Aiming for his chest when using automatic weapons and unloading a clip will result in most of your its dealing critical damage while those with more accuracy can simply aim for the head and take controlled shots.

Notable Attacks


This will be Eista’s basic ability aside from his normal attacks that he uses which he will continue to use along with any other abilities that he gains.

Eista will leap into the air and slam the ground, creating a fissure in front of him that deals damage and knocks you back if you are in range.

This can be avoided by sidestepping or jumping to the side and even by simply sprinting to the side of where he is facing as he leaps.


This ability is unlocked during the We Slass mission and will be usable by Eista with each other ability he has gained.

Eista will lob a Fireball at your direction which will ricochet when hitting with a surface or explode when hitting you.

You will notice when Eista is about to use this ability as he will draw his hammer to the side and swing it.

This can be avoided by simply staying on the move or by side stepping.

Frost Breath

This ability is unlocked for Eista once the We Slass Part 2 mission is completed which he will also continue to use along with his other abilities during any other fights.

Eista will lean back and inhale before releasing a jet of frost and shoot it out forward before moving from side to side.

This will deal damage and slow you down once you are affected and can be avoided by simply keeping your distance or moving to the side or behind Eista when he is about to use it.


After the We Slass Part 3 side mission, this ability will be active and remain along with all of the other abilities from the past missions.

This creates a ring that expands from Eista, dealing damage to those nearby every time the pulse expands.

Keep away from Eista and out of the range of the expansion of the ring to avoid taking damage.

Notable Drops

Eista will drop common to epic items and even has a chance to drop some legendary gear, especially ones from the Guns, Love and Tentacles DLC.

While Eista can drop legendary gear from a large table, he is well known to drop Class Mods such as:

  • Conductor (Zane)
  • Sapper (Moze)
  • Punishing Stone (Amara)
  • Tr4iner (FL4K)


  • Eista is very slow and his attacks can be avoided, especially if you keep a good distance away from him as his attacks mostly affect those near him.
  • Be sure to bring a corrosive, shocking and incendiary weapon with you as they each will deal more damage to his armor, shields and to his main health.
  • Jumping and moving to the side can almost make you untouchable when it comes to fighting Eista since his attacks require you to either be still or be within range.
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