We Slass! (Side Mission) in BL3

We Slass! Mission BL3

  • Mission Type: Side Mission
  • Planet: Xylourgos
  • Location: Skittermaw Basin – Clan Amourette (Negul Neshai)
  • Level: 57

Eista wishes to have a rematch with you regarding the first time you met but needs your help to prepare in order to make it a fair fight.

Your task will be to help Eista even the odds by assisting him in collecting flowers from the mountain top.

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Mission Walkthrough

After speaking with Eista, you will need to head up to the top of the mountains of Negul Neshai to pick up some flowers that he needs.

There will be 5 flowers planted in what appears to be droppings which are labeled “Mountain Flower” and you must pick all of them up before returning.

The Mountain Flowers will be spread around the higher areas of the mountain and you must fight your way through enemies to get to them.

Head back to Eista and he will lead you into the arena where you too will later on fight one on one.

Hand over the Mountain Flowers which will later on imbue Eista with incendiary powers and prepare for a fight.

Once Eista has charged up, begin the fight and deplete his health in order to knock him down.

Revive Eista and he will later on speak to you before telling you to welcome yourself to some of his loot which is marked by a waypoint.

We Slass! Mission Rewards

Completing the We Slass! Mission will reward you with around 115,000 cash and you will also be able to loot from Eista’s stashes.

Once this mission is complete, the We Slass! (Part 2) mission will be available.


  • You do not have to clear the enemies and may instead grab each flower and head back to the Eista.
  • Making use of the fast travel function will save you a lot of time once you have obtained the flowers.
  • Watch out for Eista’s flame projectile as it appears to be his new attack after being empowered after you handed over the flowers.
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