The Great Escape Part 2 (Side Mission) in BL3

The Great Escape Part 2 Mission BL3

  • Mission Type: Side Mission
  • Planet: Xylourgos
  • Location: The Cankerwood
  • Level: 57

Max Skye has recently escaped from The Handsome Jackpot (if you still remember helping him in The Great Escape) and has crash landed on Xylourgos but needs to escape once more to avoid being eaten.

Your mission is to help him make preparations to launch on his new rocket and help him get off of the planet.

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Mission Walkthrough

You will find Max Sky tied to his rocket but he will be unable to launch it as someone needs to press the button.

He asks you to do so but as you approach the button, he will shout out to wait and do a quick countdown before once again telling you to hit the button.

The launch will fail and the rocket will not budge which also results in Frostbiters coming to the scene in order to kill you and to eat Max Sky.

You will then need to help Max Sky and kill all of the Frostbiters before coming up with a new plan to launch the rocket.

Once all enemies are killed, an alternative way to launch the rocket is devised and instead you will just shoot the tank underneath it.

Once you shoot the tank, the rocket will begin to lift off and Max Sky will soon be launched into the sky and disappear from sight.

The Great Escape Part 2 Mission Rewards

After the rocket has lifted off, a bunch of loot will drop and you will also receive a reward of around 122,687 cash.


  • There is no amount of time that you need to stick to when protecting Max Sky and the mission will only proceed once all enemies are killed.
  • The Frostbiters are easily dealt with incendiary weapons for those who have red health bars and bringing along a corrosive weapon will help you handle any of them that have armor.
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