We Slass! Part 2 (Side Mission) in BL3

We Slass! Part 2 BL3 mission

Once again, Eista wishes to have another rematch with you and try to match you in combat but will still need something to even the odds.

You will once again need to help him find a way to even out the fight to give him a chance to be equal when going head to head with you.

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Mission Walkthrough

Start by making your way towards the Cankerwood where you have been asked to find the Ulum-Lai mushroom.

The location of the Ulum-Lai mushroom will be marked by a waypoint which shows the exact spot that it is in.

Continue fighting your way through enemies as you make your way towards the waypoint that marks the location of the mushroom.

You will come across both creatures of the woods as well as enemies in old outposts which can easily be dealt with.

Once you reach the Ulum-Lai mushroom, head back to the camp and go to Eista who will lead you to the arena.

It would be much easier to just open up your map and fast travel to the camp instead of running all the way back.

Once you are both in the arena, hand over the Ulum-Lai mushroom and wait for Eista to charge up again before dueling with him.

Once Eista is ready, begin the fight with him and deplete his health in order to knock him out to win the slass.

After defeating Eista, go up to him and revive him and he will then share more loot from his armory with you.

We Slass! Part 2 Mission Rewards

After winning the fight and heading to the armory, the mission will complete and you will be rewarded with around 115,000 cash.

Once this mission is complete, the We Slass! (Part 3) mission will be available.


  • Once you enter Cankerwood, you won’t need to clear any areas and may instead rush towards the location of the mushroom and grab it before heading back to Eista.
  • During the fight, Eista will have a shield and this can easily be dealt with if you have weapons with the shocking element.
  • As an addition to his previously gained power, Eista will now have the ability to breathe frost which slows you down but this can be avoided by keeping your distance from him.
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